Review of Shadow and Bone

What were you doing over the weekend? Just when I thought all was lost and the last episode of the week ended I new series popped up on the screen. For those looking for a new fantasy series, then I would recommend Shadow and Bone.

This show is set in a fictional world at war with each other. Yes, there are popular tropes, such an orphaned heroine but the story uses many literary tools of the trade to create tension that moves the audience forward. This story is Young Adult and has tension but don’t expect steamy scenes that show skin. The good part is that the story can survive without the typical American opening of two characters heavy in a scene that makes you send your kids into the other room. This may be safe for teens and the language is PG most of the time.

I always find the books better than the movies or shows but this Netflix series offers great visual stimulators, and the dark setting doesn’t feel like a dark gutter of an abandoned alley.  Grunge and grit play a part through most of the first season but it doesn’t make you gage. 

The other element that I liked about the series is that the flash backs for the protagonists childhood to the present were timed well.  In other words, no fiddles appeared and turned the flashes into overdone tragedy.  Our heroine isn’t victimized over done drama.  The scenes help build an understanding of what the character the way she is.  She’s a one tough young woman, something else lovable. 

The scenes start out quick and the journey begins.  Your skin itches with the dust clouds, and adjusts to the darkness of the world at war.  Some faith filled audience members might cringe at their use of some religious elements but it’s up to you on what you think about those parts. 

Overall, you will get a heroines journey,  action, suspense, and a love story set in a world with with kingdoms that don’t get along.  The people that are different within their own kingdoms are pushed out the outside of society.  One of the kingdoms is split with those who possess other worldly powers but they call it science.  That part confused me because it looked like magic and it caused fear among the other part of the kingdom trying to overthrow the king.

I won’t spoil the story but there are plot twists and the way they draw you in with the brooding general who has smoldering eyes reminded me of a vampire.  You know he’s going to go after your jugular but you can’t help but become mesmerized by his powerful movements, and intense way of staring at our protagonist that sucks you in closer. 

If you want to find out more you can check out the series yourself or buy the book series below.

The book, Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo, is available at The whole series is at

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