Foodie Writing Prompt!

I woke up this morning and I’m feeling the after effects of my birthday dinner last night.  My belly was stuffed with charcoal grilled Galbi or marinated Korean short rib and Bulgogi Pajeon (meat package).  I went to sleep and dreamt of Korean side dishes that filled an entire table top.  Can you tell that Continue reading “Foodie Writing Prompt!”

ReWrite Day!

If you haven’t noticed by now, this week the theme is creativity. I introduced Austin Kleon who is known for blacking out words in Newspapers until they have a statement of words together that make us smile, and I shared Dan Brown’s source of inspiration for his thrillers – it’s all about the research. CreativityContinue reading “ReWrite Day!”

New Release In Waiting Again

Remember how I said I was on a roll last week? I went a little overboard with creating resource journals. Well, I did it again over the weekend. I’ve been working on a recipe journal for food lovers. My favorite Recipes went into waiting on Amazon. Any foodies who followed my tasty finds and crockContinue reading “New Release In Waiting Again”

Hurry Up and Wait After Publishing!

The week is winding down and I can’t wait for Friday. I’ve put myself on a several fast deadlines these past few months to get my Journal and Notebook creating but out of my system. Sometimes, the process of getting a book to the finish line is hurry, rush, edit, and edit again, and thenContinue reading “Hurry Up and Wait After Publishing!”

Writing Prompt Day!

Before I begin I have to say, “Thank you everyone for all your likes on my website and Facebook Page!” I also enjoy reading your posts! My Literary Road Trip to Ely, Minnesota ended but I took away enough pieces to fill in details missing from my small town novel. I have a lot ofContinue reading “Writing Prompt Day!”

On the Road Again

Our road trip to a small town in Northern Minnesota started yesterday and it rained all day. Luckily, the rain came down in mists instead of buckets and I saw the landscape change from shopping malls to lakes and trees. There were only a few travelers driving the same route during off season. As weContinue reading “On the Road Again”

Announcement Day!

This is a big week and I’ve almost tired of looking at final proofs for my new Writing Journal before it’s published.  The journal is over 200 pages and many of them are left with writing space for the writing prompts but I still need to go over the details.  As I’ve heard from anyContinue reading “Announcement Day!”

Finding Joy in Writing

The excitement continues to grow as my publishing day inches closer!  I finished round #1 of final edits, formatting, and style proofing.  When I set my goal one year ago, the finish lined wasn’t even in sight.  Getting over the first hump of being able to write anything after a few years was more thanContinue reading “Finding Joy in Writing”

Sharing More Resources

About 5 years ago I caught the wave of the Entrepreneur fever rushing through our country and I started listening to other creatives. I came across author, Joanna Penn and her podcast and she became my some day resource. Joanna’s published several books that help other authors, has a daily podcast for writers, and publishedContinue reading “Sharing More Resources”