Celebrating Independence

I hope everyone enjoyed their Independence yesterday!  I have to say that I’m thankful to live in a place where I can express myself through art and writing freely.  I’m grateful to have a roof over my head, and to never lack for food.  Being a foodie, maybe I indulge a little much.  There’s aContinue reading “Celebrating Independence”

Wielding Your Craft

The count day to my Featured Artist spot is only 3 days away and I finished a few more deadlines this weekend. I have to say that I feel comfort in returning to my keyboard to write because the challenges I set for myself for creating new pieces drained all my energy. Returning to somethingContinue reading “Wielding Your Craft”

Art and Writing

Friday is finally here and the frenzy of photo shooting sculptures begins. Participating in shows and events of all kinds are always more work than expected. Prepping of inventory lists, pricing, sales, tools, with business cards and bios for those who stop by to admire your work all have to make their own appearance. ArtistsContinue reading “Art and Writing”

Finding Your Prompt

When you’re having writer’s block or under a deadline, do you have encouraging phrases to help get yourself started? I had to laugh at myself before I sat down to write because one of my phrases is, “Let it fly.” I’ve heard this from other speakers, or similar wording by other entrepreneurs in their bookContinue reading “Finding Your Prompt”

Publishing Is About Process

My hands just went up into the air right before I started today’s blog. I let out a little congratulations because the last week of my inspirational journal for creatives is completed! Just like my 30 Days of Writing Prompt Journal, this is about action in motion to get inspired and achieve goals. Sometimes, weContinue reading “Publishing Is About Process”

Back to School for Creatives!

Sitting in rush hour as the sun started to drop into the West, I felt tired after a long day of getting everything on my list done.  The strangest part is that my air conditioning, like clockwork gave me the sniffles.  I dusted and cleaned the vents, checked the filter and I still end upContinue reading “Back to School for Creatives!”

Pencils and Pants Day

My morning started out like most of my week days these past few months.  I had breakfast with my husband, a sniper of daily news on YouTube, and a short walk to the car to drop him off at work.  When the door opened I wasn’t greeted by an outdoor sauna by with my firstContinue reading “Pencils and Pants Day”

Deadlines and Roses

Deadlines and roses. My creative life is like planting a dozen rose bushes. I set deadlines or thorns for myself and sometimes the growing pains of getting there hurts. My gray matter is squeezed like a sponge over the dry ground around me. I soak up some more ideas and actions feel slow, they barelyContinue reading “Deadlines and Roses”

Sharing Resources

This weekend was make-up melting weather but I made it outside of my air-conditioned space a few times for some extra exercise and to meet with my new literary friends again.  My meeting with them on Saturday lifted my heart.  A wide grin spread across my face when they looked at their 269 page manuscriptContinue reading “Sharing Resources”

Building Your Library

Remember, summer reading clubs as children? Sometimes, we need to create our own summer camp and get through the list of books that we never finished. I know all of you have your own pile at home as story tellers, writers, and content creators. Let’s make a change this summer to get through our pileContinue reading “Building Your Library”

The Little Editor Who Could

I finished my last round of editing for my two authors last night before our next meeting this weekend and I need to point out the benefits and limits of spell check. The one button on Micro Soft Word that helps authors catch typos improves our writing as we work through our novels, and hasContinue reading “The Little Editor Who Could”

Changing Your Scenery

This week the weather in Minnesota could fry an egg on our cars but there are cooler spots under trees, or places to dip our toes into cool water.  The highways are lined with campers and boats in toe on Friday and those at the offices are leaving earlier.  The thought of laying back onContinue reading “Changing Your Scenery”