Repeat Day!

I don’t know how well you did yesterday with your rhyming but my skills out loud need help. Talk about a brain freeze. This means that it’s time to do a repeat of yesterday’s exercise but in writing. I may need to do this on the weekend if this exercise doesn’t work right away. Today, you can create a list of rhyming words in different categories, or you can write poetry that rhymes.

It might elementary, it might be aweful but having a reference for this kind of exercise is like oil to the gears of your brain. We shouldn’t feel like the parts are stuck in mud or have the experience of our brain smoking from being in overdrive. Writers should be at the point where too many words come out and our hands struggle to keep up.

Why I am I doing a round 2? In some stories, my characters write letters, love notes, songs, and poetry. I’m tired of being afraid to rhyme. I know many of us prefer free verse but being able to write lyrics may help if you want to include rocks starts and musicians into your stories.

If you still have trouble like me, then turn on your music and rewrite someone else’s song. Make it funny, sad, or silly. You don’t even have to make sense because my prompts are all about helping your mind get unstuck. Having a reference or an exercise you can rely on will keep your fingers flying and your story moving.

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~Yoon Ju

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