What’s On Your Billboard?

I’m an avid YouTube follower of Creators who create content of writing, art, and food. Last night I dozed off in the air conditioning after a long day and I woke up to #7Figuresquad in my suggested videos. Curiosity got the best of me and I’m always looking to brush up my skills. Running myContinue reading “What’s On Your Billboard?”

Dreams and Death

Friday is here and the Holiday weekend is filled with busy travelers trying to escape the city for a weekend at the lake in Minnesota. We are the land of 10,000 lakes and boats are in tow early as people take off early from the workweek. There may be fireworks, celebrations, and long lines atContinue reading “Dreams and Death”

Up At Midnight

Ever since I was little, I wondered if I belonged to a life in a bigger city – like New York because it’s the city that never sleeps. Or, I just read and watched too many vampire themed stories. I imagine waking up in the middle of the night, throwing on a jacket or sweaterContinue reading “Up At Midnight”

Words for Pictures

We still have a few more days of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and I’m sharing a few of the reasons I started to publish. One of my dreams when I started writing and illustrating children’s books was to expand the local bookshelves because I never saw the faces of children like myself in magazinesContinue reading “Words for Pictures”

What is Success?

“Success is a collection of problems solved.”  I.M. Pei I don’t know about the rest of you out there but after yesterday, I felt drained and had to take a break from my normal creative activities. Maybe it’s the warmer weather and my bodies rejection of humidity. I shouldn’t feel the need to pant whileContinue reading “What is Success?”

Putting on the Editor Hat

I’m out of wearing a spring coat up here in Minnesota and life just got a little busier. My meet-up last weekend turned into a paid project to help two other authors get their book ready to publish. I received their 75,000 word story during the middle of the week and it’s a tear jerker.Continue reading “Putting on the Editor Hat”

Walk in the Rain

This week Minneapolis turned into a little Seattle with drizzling, wet, rainy days. Something in the air changed as the hot air was pushed down into the wet earth, and it was as if my body sensed this subtle shift. My eyes closed as I walked down the street in my orange umbrella and IContinue reading “Walk in the Rain”

Brain Power

I was working on my next journal which will include ways to improve creativity and feel inspired when I realized something. There are times we do go blank, and it’s not out of lack of discipline. Maybe we just have too much going on. Instead of getting frustrated (my past self), stop and listen toContinue reading “Brain Power”

Making Movie Night Productive

Last night was Turkish movie night, and I found a new series called Love 101 where delinquent students are one step away from being kicked out of school. One vote keeps the head principal from kicking them out and they team up come up with a plan to keep that one vote at the school.Continue reading “Making Movie Night Productive”

The Night Muses

My excitement about the new project made for a restless night. As soon as I laid my head down, more and more ideas for books filled my mind until I got out of bed and make the trip down the hallway to my writing writing desk. My muses took over and wouldn’t let me sleepContinue reading “The Night Muses”

Writer’s Meet-Up

Monday is here and I’m still feeling inspired from my weekend meet-up with two fellow authors. They wanted to meet to decide the best route to go when it comes to publishing. We started with traditional publishing and finding an agent. I asked if they wanted to wait and go through the whole experience ofContinue reading “Writer’s Meet-Up”