Changing Your Scenery

This week the weather in Minnesota could fry an egg on our cars but there are cooler spots under trees, or places to dip our toes into cool water.  The highways are lined with campers and boats in toe on Friday and those at the offices are leaving earlier.  The thought of laying back on a lounge chair under the trees with a light breeze rustling through the trees instantly lowers my heart rate and calms my mind.

Changing seasons is an opportunity for writers and over the weekend I TikToked a writing prompt about writing under the shades of the tree.  Sit in a quiet space this summer or in a tranquil garden and let your thoughts flow onto the page for 5-10 minutes.  Remember to write down the sights, sounds, touch, and smells around you.  Then, work off of those ideas. 

Later when you’re at home or in a different season you have memories and your writing to bring you back to those places.  Many of us write summer scenes in the dead winter or fall up North.  That’s why keeping resources of those times would benefit your reader.  This is the reason I created my journal of Writing Prompts – because we should always build our resources. 

Imagine if every writer had as many journals for reference as they do books by other authors.  The current trend on TikTok is writers showing you how they went from a journal of notes to a published book.  The reason we continue our exercises is so that we don’t stare our cursors in vain. 

As a published author, there needs to be a mix of completed work and the written journey it took to get there.  Eventually, you’ll have a written process or cycle that you go through to complete a published book.  Being able to refer to your process will only help you in long run so that you aren’t wandering the halls of your home worried because you’ve run out of ideas or don’t what to do next in plot.  One idea usually sparks another. 

Just remember that the point of building your resources is to actually publish something.  There is a point when you need to finish your novel.  Stop being a part of the Someday Club and get published!

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~Yoon Ju

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