Triple Publishing Month!

A new month is here and I’m going to triple publish! The two books that I’ve help design, format, and edit are in the final week and I can taste the publishing button. There’s a few cover design changes and the final proof that only happens before the printing begins. The third book is oneContinue reading “Triple Publishing Month!”

The Little Editor Who Could

I finished my last round of editing for my two authors last night before our next meeting this weekend and I need to point out the benefits and limits of spell check. The one button on Micro Soft Word that helps authors catch typos improves our writing as we work through our novels, and hasContinue reading “The Little Editor Who Could”

Featured Artist of the Month!

Hold on everybody, another plate is going onto a spinner. I’m going to be a featured artist at The Art Shoppe in Minneapolis! I’m two weeks away from showing my artwork and having wall space in July and August. What’s one more deadline added into my schedule? Good thing I stayed up late last weekContinue reading “Featured Artist of the Month!”