Day #11: Crazy with Interest

Now that Monday is over, it’s time to let those pens loose. Remember the day we worked on our outline? Well it’s time to have a crazy day. Take your plot and make all kinds of crazy alternatives. I’m having you do this now so that you get it out of your system. A writerContinue reading “Day #11: Crazy with Interest”

Day #10: In Depth Character

Yesterday, I told you not to stress if you didn’t write down or collage every detail for a good reason. We’re starting out the beginning of the week by giving ourselves more time on the same exercise. The difference is that today we’re going deeper. Day #10 is about going in depth. As a writer,Continue reading “Day #10: In Depth Character”

Day #8: Outline Day

Get those pens and keyboards ready! We made it through our first full week of Preptober! Today, we’re going to strengthen what we have. We have our summary, conclusion, and some important points along the way of our story. Now, it’s time to start filling in the rest of the chapters. When you asked howContinue reading “Day #8: Outline Day”

Day 7: Getting to the Point

I was done writing this post when the so called security of the automated cloud saving decided to make it rain. Well, my post dripped back out of the cloud and all those brilliant words were gone. My superior stream of consciousness on digital paper was nowhere to be found. A growl escaped me andContinue reading “Day 7: Getting to the Point”

Day #6: Conclusion First

In the past few days, we took our first few steps in prepping our novel for next month. You’ve had time to write about your back cover summary and you’ve had time to research pieces of the story you choose to tell your audience. Creating that summary should have brought clarity to the story youContinue reading “Day #6: Conclusion First”

Day 3: Research Repeat

Now that you’ve chosen your story, it’s time for a little research. Gather the information you need to start writing your story. The difference in this challenge is that you’re only getting today to do it. You get one day to look up towns, cities, character information, historical facts, or fantasy ideas. Today is allContinue reading “Day 3: Research Repeat”

Day 2: Choose Your Book

The great thing about monthly challenges is that you are given a specific about of time to complete your goal. I don’t know about you but one of the reasons I started doing challenges each month was to keep myself on track. If I don’t have a deadline or specific timeframe, I tend to wanderContinue reading “Day 2: Choose Your Book”

Preptober Begins: Day #1

The first day of October is here and the goal of this month is to get your novel ready for NaNoWriMo, the month where writers all over the world try to reach 50,000 words by the end of the month. Having taken classes from other writers with the same goal of writing a book inContinue reading “Preptober Begins: Day #1”

November NaNoWriMo!

Last night, meant a special Halloween Dinner after making my husband run around to several different stores. There’s nothing like a kettle full of cheap beer steaming Atlantic crab. Good thing they didn’t know I purchased after suffering sticker shock of another box mislabeled sitting next to them. I wanted a romantic dinner but notContinue reading “November NaNoWriMo!”

Happy Halloween!

All things spooky, all day is finally here! Happy Halloween! This is also the last day of Ink and Preptober. The last word prompt of the month might make today interesting. Our word is Risk. Imagine all the kinds of things you could do with words, especially if you use method acting. However, as IContinue reading “Happy Halloween!”

Saturday Slithers

I feel an hourly countdown in the early morning hours today. I’m up before the sun starts to rise in the east and I’m full of ideas. Whether or not I stay awake long enough to do them is another question. I must be excited about my free weekend. The first thing I’m going toContinue reading “Saturday Slithers”

Day #28 Out For a Walk with Today’s Word – Crispy

I let out a long huff of warm air and watch as a cloud bubbles out in front of me. Walking down the empty streets it looks like Mother Nature exhaled over the lawns. There’s a small glitter over the white tipped lawns as the sun slowly rises behind me. I close my eyes andContinue reading “Day #28 Out For a Walk with Today’s Word – Crispy”