Day 3: Research Repeat

Now that you’ve chosen your story, it’s time for a little research. Gather the information you need to start writing your story. The difference in this challenge is that you’re only getting today to do it. You get one day to look up towns, cities, character information, historical facts, or fantasy ideas.

Today is all about creating your folder for settings, characters, and anything that may go along with your plot. For example, you may need to look up types of materials or clothing for characters. Maybe you need to look up weapons and fighting techniques. What does your main character do? Where is the setting of your story? Is there a specific time period?

Put on that reporter hat and gather all the facts you can so that you can write that headline for tomorrow. You’re under a deadline and you need to go to print before tomorrow. Yes, you might forget something but that’s okay. My 30 day plan will cover that at a later time.

Do what you can with the amount of time you have, which is today. Then, don’t stress too much about the deadline. Write it down and save it in a folder on your desk or computer. Then, go about the rest of your day or evening.

We’ll move onto the next step tomorrow. My posts are Monday through Friday.

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~Yoon Ju

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