Day #6: Conclusion First

In the past few days, we took our first few steps in prepping our novel for next month. You’ve had time to write about your back cover summary and you’ve had time to research pieces of the story you choose to tell your audience. Creating that summary should have brought clarity to the story you want to tell.

Next, we’re going to use the technique of many best selling authors. We’re going to write our conclusion first. If you had trouble with your summary, then thinking deeper about the conclusion may help you make fixes to that cover. Remember, the point of these baby steps isn’t perfection or write an entire novel in one sitting.

The point of Preptober is get the pieces of your novel in place. Think of this month as getting your chapters in order, finding the right research, and getting the main point of your story right. A conclusion is like the heartbeat of your story and the pages are the pulse.

In order to write a story, we need a final destination to head toward. This is why writing the conclusion first makes sense. There needs to be a point of focus that draws the other chapters toward it’s point.

Each step of this month and these exercises should help bring the words on your pages into focus. If it’s too difficult, maybe you need to choose a different story. What’s not clear to you, isn’t going to be clear to your audience. If you don’t see a point to your story, your audience will get lost too.

One exercise a day. Don’t stress about having everything exactly right, the point is to take focused action. You can edit after Preptober and NaNoWriMo are over.

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~Yoon Ju

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