Keep Listing

I was excited when I woke up Sunday morning because I was up earlier than usual after a late night of making miniatures. Then, my husband reminded me that daylight savings time happened overnight. My mood sunk because I lost an hour while I was getting my beauty sleep. Despite the lost time I carriedContinue reading “Keep Listing”

Word Challenge

Can you hear the Irish music playing in the background for next week? I’ve been asking myself what kind of food would faeries eat? What would their plates look like? I ask because I’m trying to put my questions into visuals and words. I can’t continuously repeat words like magical dust, glittering, and fantasy world.Continue reading “Word Challenge”

One Day

Is as scrolling through recommended videos when I saw the title, “One day in Paris,” and it got me thinking of our next prompt. What if you only had one day in a city that you’ve never seen? Do you have dream destinations? During this prompt, I’ll allow you to cheat by checking out videosContinue reading “One Day”

Playing the Scale

Switching from a steamy romance scene to one of my other jobs made me do a reality check last night. I was squinting my eyes to the tiny miniatures the size of an eraser tip and I had to laugh at myself. I’m an adult and I was sitting there making miniature boloney sandwiches inContinue reading “Playing the Scale”

My Fae Prince

My calming music played in the background with a fairy like house of glass in the background and I thought about my story of the gatekeeper’s daughter and the Fae Prince. Since my goal is to get one more page done, I focused on one scene at the beginning. Every story needs a meeting placeContinue reading “My Fae Prince”

Day 4 of Visual Story Telling

The last day of our visual story telling is here the day before my next event with my miniatures. I’m excited because my eyes will be filled with the creations of other artists and crafters. Being able to show and sell my handmade minis is also a benefit. While I’m at my event this weekend,Continue reading “Day 4 of Visual Story Telling”

Day 3 of Visual Story Telling

Last night I sat in front of the TV feeling like I just participated in the great brain drain. My energy was sapped and I started thinking about a way to bring in more color into my thoughts. Experts say that we should digest more colorful fruits and vegetables into our diet, well how aboutContinue reading “Day 3 of Visual Story Telling”

Day 2 of Visual Story Telling

Welcome to the beginning of a new month and a new kind of prompt from yesterday. We’re doing all visuals for the rest of the week to help capture the imagery stuck in your head but not seen by your audience in your story. This week is a way of thinking out loud or onContinue reading “Day 2 of Visual Story Telling”

Thinking In Color

I’m back into my creator videos and those who share their sketching or writing journals. You may want to take note if you’re looking for more ways to create content. Taking ideas from those outside of your genre, or medium is another way to find new stories. I talked about change yesterday, and I wouldContinue reading “Thinking In Color”

Quiet Friday

The roads went quiet yesterday morning and I spent it watching life feed road cameras. The roads were covered and the few cars I did see moving along I hoped were emergency workers or those who didn’t need to make a coffee run. Many places did close or had call-ins. Skeleton crews were running theContinue reading “Quiet Friday”

Snow Days!

I survived the smaller amount of snow that started falling Wednesday evening and overnight. My groceries are picked up for the next few days and I continue to peak outside. The snow started falling in my neighborhood around 2:00 pm again. Emergency plans are in place and we all keep waiting up here for theContinue reading “Snow Days!”

New Book Time!

This week I’m trying work through a recommended new book called, The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield. The reason I hit download in my Audible queue was because an entrepreneur that I follow, Abdi Dhaal, said that he read this book to help him get through that feeling of “resistance” that we all feelContinue reading “New Book Time!”