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A new week has begun and I’m on break from my show circuit for a few weeks. Having back to back shows was a new challenge for me, especially because I have a handmade business. Growing a business that relies on you to finish multiple novels or art pieces is a constant learning experience.

Being able to connect with other people trying to the same thing at events has helped fastrack my goals because I get to ask questions to find what things work for other people who have been doing this longer. My advice to anyone, including writers, is to ask those who have experience or reached the goals that you want to achieve questions.

Since one of my earlier posts, my excitement and impatience has grown because I actually had a conversation out loud with my husband about my dreams. I thought he might bring out his practical, safety net speech but he was supportive. I guess I’m still at the stage where some fear is holding me back of having a secondary income source and making the switch.

I’ve mentioned in past blogs that I’ve always treated my writing and art as another job. If you’re thinking hobby, maybe it still is but based on the hours I pour into them I consider them second and third jobs. Eliminating one source of income to grow my writing and art bubbles up financial fears.

I’m sorry but I don’t want to be a starving artist, thus the traditional, steady source of income with benefits. The problem is that I’m in the place where I feel like I’m splitting my time too much and holding back my own growth. Thoughts of dream vacations and all those things I’ve been able to buy, like supplies to support my art and writing come into question.

I know I said I was said I was scared to make the leap but I’m getting closer to doing it. I see other people doing it and succeeding and I’m jealous. I never thought I would be this chicken. There – I said it. Fear is holding me back and I’m sharing this opening on my blog for anyone to read. I’ll even be bold enough to say that prompts only get you and me so far. There comes a point when we just need to do it.

Because of the fears, like paying bills and being able to afford food are still strong the plan is to build up a few months of reserves before I take the leap. I also have plans to find more places to sell the work I already have done. I keep telling myself it’s a matter of switching my concentration and shifting my financial sources.

While I have fear, the calling of my dreams awaits. Just imagine being able to read, write, and make art all day without starving. Work will no longer be a dirty word. Hopefully, this will also mean more published books and finished pieces of art.

Wish me luck while I transition over trying to keep my fears from stopping me. I’ll keep you updated on how things go. My posts will continue but don’t be surprised if my summer vacation mode lowers my frequency during the week.

This doesn’t mean that I’m stopping. It just means that I’m working on my plan this summer.

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~Yoon Ju

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I’m an author in Minnesota who started out writing and illustrating Children’s books. I’ve published poetry and adult Romance Novels. I created my website and social media to reach out to other writers because the process can be lonely. I wanted to reach out to readers, writers, and those with a dream of finishing “that” novel. I share the advice of other writers and the tools I use to create my stories.

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