Just Write!

Yesterday, everyone I met looked like they had as much sleep as I did. There was recognition of the bags under our eyes and we didn’t need to say anything out loud. The month of March has worn us all out. Maybe everyone else was busy running around, or celebrated too many days of St.Continue reading “Just Write!”

Narrowing Down Resources

I don’t think my body was ready for Monday after a busy weekend and my eyes were drooping writing before I went to bed but I still managed to get it done. My resource Monday involved listing out my progress from the beginning of the year and writing down my current income streams. Then, IContinue reading “Narrowing Down Resources”

Building Resources

Our weekend event went well as my handmade miniatures and my husband’s 3D designs flew off of our new shelves. We stood on our feet and behind our table with other crafters and artists with hopeful smiles at the start of a new location. At the start of the year my husband and I madeContinue reading “Building Resources”

Food Day

The weekend is here and I’m thinking about the fluffy pancake video I watched last night from a famous bakery in Japan. How many whisks of the wrist does it take to get the perfect jiggle? According to chefs all over the world, about 1,000 by hand. I don’t know about you but I thinkContinue reading “Food Day”

Keeping An Open Mind

This week I changed what I have on in the background while I’m creating new clay miniatures, and it sounds like entrepreneur week in my home. The interviews of entrepreneurs from all over the world by Ali Abdaal has filled my ears for a change of pace. I’ve been taking notes to see if thereContinue reading “Keeping An Open Mind”

A Few Hours In the Sun

Last night I watched an artist journal under the blossoms of cherry trees in Tokyo, Japan because it’s the welcome of Spring this month. The promise of warmer days are here and I reminded myself that I need to remember to celebrate what’s going on outside my own studio space. It’s too easy to sitContinue reading “A Few Hours In the Sun”

Goal Check

Sushi anyone? I just spent last night glueing pencil eraser sized sushi into custom 3D printed bento boxes because another event is coming up this weekend. There is no break in sight and getting this post done was my way of getting some writing in. If you looked inside my brain, you would see millionContinue reading “Goal Check”

Supporting Other Writers

I hope our last deep freeze is over because I’m ready to shed all these extra layers of clothes. This past weekend my ears almost froze off as I carried in my totes to our table space for our second event of the year. Once again, I was surrounded by those who were trying makeContinue reading “Supporting Other Writers”

Getting Lost In Writing

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’ll being doing the Irish Jig during my breaks throughout the day and looking for all things green today. My studio space will be filled with moss, tiny mushrooms, and fairy like creatures this weekend as I crank out a few last minute pieces. I might search the cities for someContinue reading “Getting Lost In Writing”

Rainy Day

There were a few bursts of sun this week before the clouds moved in again. The warmer temperatures mean it’s going to be a rainy day instead of a snowy day and I don’t mind. The extremes on the coasts still have me wondering if I will ever see green again. Good thing tomorrow isContinue reading “Rainy Day”

On Location

This year as I scroll through social media and local news the day of all things greens feels quieter. I feel like I’ve only seen one week of corned beef and cabbage recipes mixed in with four leaf clover apparel. To my surprise I saw one group of friends wearing St. Patrick’s Day shirts andContinue reading “On Location”

Spring Fever

The sun was finally shining again this afternoon and I had to squint because the visor of my car doesn’t go down far enough to cover my eyes. I didn’t mind after days of clouds and that fluffy white stuff that keeps clinging to my corner of town. Spring fever has returned. My mind isContinue reading “Spring Fever”