Self Writing

Another late night writing session is in order as I type into midnight. Maybe I should open my own diner for writers who can’t sleep or wake up in the middle of night because they’re woken up by their inner writing muse. My pen continues to call and each time it does, I’m thankful.

The times when my inner writing voice went silent, I felt like part of myself went missing. Spending years hunched over my keyboard and notepads created a habit that I just can’t get out of my blood. My characters cry out in protest every time I take a break. Some of them are begging for their story to be told.

After another birthday, I felt a surge of urgency to get some old stories out. I think part of me is afraid that once I put them down on paper, that they’ll disappear. I know this sounds strange but I don’t want to lose of the mystery or magic of them being unknown. The other part of me wants to tell their story to breath life into them. I don’t know why I have these two contradictory thoughts in my head.

Maybe it’s the fact that once I hit publish button that the story is no longer just mine. There’s times when I feel selfish with my stories. It’s the same sadness that happens when I have to let go of one of the pieces I spent hours shaping with my own hands. Letting my piece to go off with a stranger is like ripping pages out of my own book. It’s painful to let go, to share my creations.

I guess this means that if I’m that attached to my piece, that it’s meant to go to someone else who can appreciate every line. Knowing that someone will smile when they look at one of my pieces or read one of my books does help but I’m still selfish with my words and art.

Being a writer I have to decide which pieces to share and keep as my own because the words on the page are part of me. No matter what I hope I never lose the joy of writing because it’s what I like to do. That leads me to your prompt for today.

Write for yourself today. Be a little selfish and don’t share this one. Write for 5-10 minutes.

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~Yoon Ju

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I’m an author in Minnesota who started out writing and illustrating Children’s books. I’ve published poetry and adult Romance Novels. I created my website and social media to reach out to other writers because the process can be lonely. I wanted to reach out to readers, writers, and those with a dream of finishing “that” novel. I share the advice of other writers and the tools I use to create my stories.

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