Wednesday Show, Don’t Tell

Show not tell As we sit down at our computers to write our fantasy novels this week, I thought I would revisit an important topic.  One of the biggest struggles of a writing sounds simple but is hard to put down on the page.  How many times have you been told to show, not tell? Continue reading “Wednesday Show, Don’t Tell”

February Fantasy Week

The approach of Valentine’s Day can be a source of inspiration for writers this week. This week we’re going to turn to other authors of romance. Today, we’re starting out with an interview with Jenna Moreci, author of Savior’s Sister. Jenna is an author of fantasy novels and the link to her interview can beContinue reading “February Fantasy Week”

Friday Virtual Tours

Friday is here and it’s time for a virtual tour. I, like many other writers, like to travel to different destinations for our stories. This past year, we’ve had to do things a little differently. Never knowing when the next snow storm will fall in Minnesota, I decided to satisfy my travel bug with virtualContinue reading “Friday Virtual Tours”

Writing Resources

Writing Resources May the 4th be with you!  Today, I just wanted to share another resource for writers.  A long time ago there was once a small book that arrived in the mail with short stories and pages of resources for writers.  It was the kind of catalog style book that you took too longContinue reading “Writing Resources”

Writing Female Characters

Creating Female CharactersI’m working on the details of my character before I get too deep into my chapters and I started to think about the history of female characters.  I have to admit, I’ve struggled with this one.  I don’t want to make my female characters damsels in distress but I don’t want to makeContinue reading “Writing Female Characters”

February Story Telling

Sound Boarding Your Story When I’m working on a novel, my husband or friends turns into a sound board.  Talking out loud or having to tell your story out loud to someone else is a very useful tool.  If you’re story is still jumbled in your head, then it comes out that way and whomeverContinue reading “February Story Telling”

February Progress Update

The month of hearts and love is already here and I’m hunched over my computer with droopy eyes.  I have to say it’s a good feeling because I spent the weekend trying to type our my story blocks.  I did have an I Capture the Castle moment and my screen flashed “A cat sat onContinue reading “February Progress Update”

Side-Kick Friday

The weekend is here and there is snow in the forecast in the Midwest. Oh darn, I’ll just have to stay tucked inside working on my projects. My story is calling again. Last night, I thought about Dan Brown’s advice and I’m thinking about the side-kick or best friend that my character is missing. HereContinue reading “Side-Kick Friday”

Universal Thursday

We’re building our novel this week with writing tips from author, Dan Brown.  Today’s MasterClass lesson is about Universal Characters.  Dan uses additional characters to compliment his main protagonist.  They are the characters that may the expert that offers advice to our hero as they begin their journey in the story.  Think of other charactersContinue reading “Universal Thursday”

Tuesday Location

Tuesday with Dan Brown returns us to the power of location: Location for my current novel is an ongoing struggle and I’ve sought out the advice of other best sellers. Dan Brown visits location in a similar way to David Mamet. David spoke about location sickness and Dan’s MasterClass lesson gives power to location. IfContinue reading “Tuesday Location”

Award Winning Creative

This week I was treated to a private concert with singer, songwriter, and broadway star, Morgan James. I was the recipient of the Spirit Award from my company, Canon. I’m proud to be a part of Corporate Job. Why haven’t I made the transition? The question isn’t valid. I like what I do and I’mContinue reading “Award Winning Creative”

January Wednesday Inspiration

Wednesday Inspiration As a writer, I’m always learning from other best sellers and doing my homework to improve my writing.  This week I’ve come across some inspiring authors and resources.My first class recommendation is the MasterClass with Dan Brown in Writing Thrillers.  I shared some of his advice from the beginning classes in yesterday’s postContinue reading “January Wednesday Inspiration”