Animal Behavior

We touched on some fantasy ideas yesterday but what if our hero isn’t all human, or human at all? Those who writer about shifters and beasts that don’t exist understand the question. Themes like human and animals have existed in all native cultures. There was no separation between man, animal, and nature. The earth and all the beings on it were brothers and sisters.

Imagine waking up in a family of bears and coming down to breakfast in the morning. Cubs stubble down the stairs with their eyes half open and father bear is grumbling because he hasn’t had his coffee. Mother bear is in her suit for work. What if this was your every day life? Would you take on the instinctual habits of a bear or would you give them human-like qualities?

Part of my fun for writing children’s books is turning humans that walk past me into the animals they look like. I have to say that sometimes I can’t tell the difference between the animal and human. We’re supposed to have more brain ability but we’ve all wondered at times. There’s a reason phrases like, “They acted like animals” were written in headlines and books.

Spend part of day observing the people you pass and ask, “What animal are they?” Looking at some of the books and cartoons out there, I know other people do the same. Sit in your cozy corner this week, and turn everyone into a baboon in the coffee shop. Then, write for 5-10 minutes.

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