Comedy Week

After yesterday’s post and no nasty April Fools that I didn’t find funny myself, I think I’ll let the smiles roll in all week. Taking my own advice, I need to laugh more often. Working away and even with friends, I tend to lean toward the serious side. What better way to brighten someone else’s day than by helping them laugh.

I’m not talking mean girl, or bitter snarky. Just a real moment of gut busting. Maybe last week was too full of people I know fighting and going through power struggles. Let’s just say there’s a reason some people aren’t and shouldn’t be in charge. If I’m younger than you and I feel like I still need to babysit you out in public, then there’s a problem.

I really want to tell them you are the wrong kind of funny that’s kinda of ugly. Knowing myself, it will probably slip out at some point but because I grew up here I have at least 1 decent filter. I guess that needs clarification. I could have grown up in Korea and for those who haven’t been there – there is no filter. If you don’t fit into their clothes when you walk into one of their shops in Korea, then they don’t hold back. They’ll tell you that they don’t have your size before you start to look. A mom and a grandma over there will tell you if you’ve gained weight. It’s harsh but part of the culture.

Did growing up here make me too soft? Well, that’s what a Korean mom and grandmother would say. But remember, I grew up thinking I’m an American who celebrates St. Patrick’s Day and laughs at Polish jokes. I have say that I’m thankful my grandparents that were kind hearted to their grandchildren. Okay, mom might not have a filter here either but it’s still not as blunt as it could’ve been.

Thinking about it, my mom might be the filter less mom in some of my stories because I think it’s funny now. She’s like the more senior person who just blurts out what’s on her mind and everyone laughs because it’s just so her. Good thing she’s PG most of the time.

This brings me to today’s prompt. It’s time to use your childhood traumas for good. This is what I call writing therapy. Add them to a story and write for 5-10 minutes. Don’t turn them into a villain unless they really are one, just write down the phrases that you can’t forget. If a brother or sister ever said anything to annoy you as a child, then write down and share.

Still traumatized? Well, I’ll put myself in my sibling’s shoes. My sister is older than me and this was back when she was in high school. She was getting ready for a date and she turned and asked me a question. She asked me if her white jeans made her but look too big and I told her the truth. I didn’t bat an eye or think twice. She stomped off after my answer and then went to ask my brother. He told her, “no”. I asked him what he really thought and he said that he lied. Apparently, he learned about how men should answer early in life. I was just trying to help – I mean, I was a kid and told not to lie at the private school I attended.

I hope this makes you laugh or smile today. Share your story with me by leaving a comment.

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~Yoon Ju

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