The Pen and Paintbrush

This weekend’s show was a mix of new faces, family, and fellow creatives. I have to begin with a “Thank you!” To all those who stopped by the The Art Shoppe in Midtown Global Market this weekend! The waves of people visiting all happened so quickly. There was a flurry of showing new pieces andContinue reading “The Pen and Paintbrush”

Words and Art

Show day is tomorrow at The Art Shoppe in Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis at 12:30 pm. I’m excite not just for the weeks creating new art pieces but for the opportunity to have a simultaneous book signing opportunity. A return of regular books events has begun! I’ve impatiently waited for an event where readersContinue reading “Words and Art”

Celebrating Independence

I hope everyone enjoyed their Independence yesterday!  I have to say that I’m thankful to live in a place where I can express myself through art and writing freely.  I’m grateful to have a roof over my head, and to never lack for food.  Being a foodie, maybe I indulge a little much.  There’s aContinue reading “Celebrating Independence”

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July Weekend! Many Minnesotans are headed to their cabin at the lake to enjoy a long weekend. A procession of boat parades, hours of activities on the water, and nights by the campfire will be in full force as we reach melting temperatures again. Those who decide to stay in the cityContinue reading “Happy 4th of July!”

Celebration Time!

A celebration is in order!  My art pieces were dropped off and put out on display to get ready for Meet and Greet Day on July 10th!  A big part of the running around and getting ready for show day is over.  I will be ready with pen in hand for book signing at 12:30Continue reading “Celebration Time!”

The Circus Is In Town

Okay, the weekend was a little chaotic trying to get everything ready for show day but it paled in comparison to last night.  I think a full blown circus decided to move into town for a few days because I feel like every performer in the show.  Not only am I the plate spinning, acrobat,Continue reading “The Circus Is In Town”

Wielding Your Craft

The count day to my Featured Artist spot is only 3 days away and I finished a few more deadlines this weekend. I have to say that I feel comfort in returning to my keyboard to write because the challenges I set for myself for creating new pieces drained all my energy. Returning to somethingContinue reading “Wielding Your Craft”

Art and Writing

Friday is finally here and the frenzy of photo shooting sculptures begins. Participating in shows and events of all kinds are always more work than expected. Prepping of inventory lists, pricing, sales, tools, with business cards and bios for those who stop by to admire your work all have to make their own appearance. ArtistsContinue reading “Art and Writing”

Artistic Turmoil

The weekend is approaching and I’m feeling the pressure of deadlines.  I finished some promised pieces last weekend but this new piece promise is causing artistic turmoil.  Let’s just say my paint brush isn’t flowing as easily as my writing pen.  I’m officially feeling a new kind of “artist block”, and I’ve been here beforeContinue reading “Artistic Turmoil”

Trusting Your Talent

My body and mind are still recovering this morning from my walk into a fantasy world this weekend filled with dragons and fairy houses as I get ready for my featured artist spot in July and August. Newspapers littered the floor as I set out my sculpting tools and trimmed my nails so that IContinue reading “Trusting Your Talent”

Featured Artist of the Month!

Hold on everybody, another plate is going onto a spinner. I’m going to be a featured artist at The Art Shoppe in Minneapolis! I’m two weeks away from showing my artwork and having wall space in July and August. What’s one more deadline added into my schedule? Good thing I stayed up late last weekContinue reading “Featured Artist of the Month!”