Day #19 Loopy Day

LuAnn pushed the loop closed at the back of her ear, and listened for the quiet click of earring.  Her eyes went to mirror and then the empty spot next to her.  Sal always pulled these out of her jewelry box when he was going to take her out for the evening.  Not just any place but the kind of places had several courses of dinner so that he could spend more time with her.  He may not have been the man her parents wanted her to marry but she said “yes” anyway.  Even during the trials of marriage, she never regretted her decision.

Staring back her reflection, she smoothed her dress as if he was next to her again.  Her head tipped up.  “You can do this Lu!  He would want you to do this.”  Her hand went to her stomach.  Butterflies.  She shook her head.  They weren’t the same kind of butterflies as her first date with Sal but at least it was a feeling.  Too many years had passed. 

She laughed to herself in the mirror.  How many times had she turned down Frank when she passed him and his buddies playing chess on the sidewalk as she walked back home from the corner grocery store?  He always said the only reason Sal asked her to go out was because of a dare.  Frank said he never should have said the words because he was sweet on her first.

Her eyes laughed again.  Firsts.  Her eyes grew quiet and she touched the loop of her earring before she flung the shawl over her shoulders.  She was going to have firsts more often.  The anniversary diamonds on her ears sparkled like a good luck charm.  She was bringing part of him with her tonight.  Now, she always wore them whenever she was nervous about trying something new.  His words were still in her ear.  He leaned forward and whispered, “You can do this, kid!  I’m right here with you.”  He kissed her forehead and tugged her ear for luck.  She tugged twice and headed toward the door.

I hope you enjoyed today’s prompt – Loop.  My fingers were itching to write a short story.  Day #19 is brining us closer to the month.  I hope things are going well with your preparations for next month!

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