Monday Debates

The middle of September means Halloween decorations can go up right?  Well, this was the big debate that happened during a zoom group call.  They were adamant that decorations shouldn’t go up before the 1st of October.  The group split into two.  Those who said the start of fall was symbolic and they were okayContinue reading “Monday Debates”

Saturday Alternate Worlds

This morning I woke up to my husband leaning over my face to tell me that he was going on a run.  He does this sometimes out of habit but also because I’ve told him to.  You know the mind of a writer.  To normal people waking up and finding the person you love missingContinue reading “Saturday Alternate Worlds”

Foodie Friday

The end of the week arrived in the blink of an eye after Labor Day, and I find myself more worn out than a regular week. Taking those few extra moments to relax over the weekend and get in some cat naps meant cramming everything into a few less days. I wrote about fall changes,Continue reading “Foodie Friday”

Spaghetti, Meatballs, and Rainbows

Hump Day started the same as every day. A drive in the morning to drop off my husband at work. I always pass a row of trees near the road that hand over the end to shade the street like tall green umbrellas. For a few seconds, I felt like I was driving down aContinue reading “Spaghetti, Meatballs, and Rainbows”

Life Up North

The great fight of the North started at the beginning of the month. The cold of the night clings longer to the mornings and our temperatures have dipped. Those who live in California or down South already have on their Fall coats but not in Minnesota. We wear our shorts and run around in shortContinue reading “Life Up North”

Fall Is In Session!

The school year has officially started and summer ended after Labor Day. We are two months away from NaNoWriMO and my mind is on Preptober. The question is, am I going to do Preptober and Inktober? I bought my ink pad over the weekend to give it a try. I thought I would follow theContinue reading “Fall Is In Session!”

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! The last day of the Minnesota State Fair is here but I had my fill of fried food on a stick. My long weekend was filled with running errands and accidents with a hot glue gun. After watching other artists create miniature models out of Amazon boxes, I was inspired to createContinue reading “Happy Labor Day!”

Labor Day!

The beginning of September begins with a long weekend before we swing into fall. Those in school get one more day off before classes begin. Stepping outside this week, a few days of summer warmth try to cling onto the new month but we dipped into the 70s this week with a few rainy days.Continue reading “Labor Day!”

Hallmark Season

This weekend in Minnesota is one of the last few at cabins on the lake for many people before they pull in their docks and store their boats.  Those who love finishing make their last few casts for the season during their long weekend.  Then, the routine of getting everyone to school and work onContinue reading “Hallmark Season”

Welcome September!

Welcome September!  This weekend means an extra day to get ready for my next show.  I have to check my book inventory this week to see if I need to order more.  My pen will be in hand with some new art pieces.  Yes, my face will light up like other creators when you stopContinue reading “Welcome September!”

Change In Seasons

A change in the month, signals the change of seasons up North.  Maybe there are a few more weeks left of hot summer weather but my mind is already thinking about fall and Preptober.  It’s time for all of us to get back into our novels after some summer hiatus.  This is also our lastContinue reading “Change In Seasons”

Minnesota State Fair

The end of August is here, and Minnesotan’s are bracing for the inevitable as the days move into fall.  We all hope there is a fall every year because we love having 4 seasons, not two.  This weekend I survived the thunder and sporadic rain.  Most importantly, I indulged in every fair food on myContinue reading “Minnesota State Fair”