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This Saturday we had one more day of summer weather at our first Kimchee Festival hosted by Adoptee Hub in Minnesota. The morning started out with some rain showers and confusion due to double booking of a soccer field. My husband and I showed up early to find the soccer field filled with high school jerseys and soccer balls.

A few phone calls later we found out that the city double booked the field and that there were supposed to be soccer games throughout the afternoon. Luckily, more than one field exists and the soccer teams moved to another part of town so that we could set-up the several rows of vendor tents.

The rain stopped and the sun made its way out by 10:00 o’clock and building our space was underway. In the distance I saw a giant bouncy castle and kids play area being filled with air. Rows of tents were. Being setup by artists and small businesses. I also saw food vendors trying to figure out their spaces.

The morning began and music played in the at the other end of the field and I had no idea how much hard work our host put into this event. They had to organize all the many different creators, volunteers, and those showing up for their performance times. Shinparum, a Korean drumming group, walked past in their outfits for a few performances. They even had singers, K-pop dances, and Taekowndo.

When I saw someone walk past with a Korean corn dog, I immediately sent my husband in pursuit of finding the food stall selling the tasty treat. I believe it’s my duty to snatch up any Korean street food I can. My other hobby of being a foodie will never leave me starving.

The most exciting part was seeing people I haven’t seen in 2 or more years stop by our table. So many encouraged us to keep pursuing our creative interests and words like, “I’m so proud of you” gave us a boost. Two artists next to us showed their work for the first time. There may not have been many serious art collectors at the event but I really hope they continue their creative journey.

The support of friends and people you know make up for all those times when I’ve gone to new shows and had events where we only had 1 sale or none. One of our friends spent a good amount buying our things and I can’t how much I appreciate their support.

Moments like this weekend is why I’ve taken my husband out to other events to buy from those who may not have anyone at their table. We buy because we can and because we want to support small creative businesses. I hope everyone out there can do the same for fellow writers.

Let’s start out this week by buying a book from a less known author and feeding our hungry minds. This is your only prompt for the week. Read, write down your ideas, and support each other.

My posts are Monday through Friday.

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~Yoon Ju

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