Summer Writing Day #2

Gray stood on the end of the dock, swaddled in her grandmother’s quilt. Her eyes closed under her wild morning hair and her lips spread into a smile. Through her eyelids she saw the orange glow of the sun rising on the other side of the lake. Midst was rising off the calm waters. SheContinue reading “Summer Writing Day #2”

Monday Memories

Saturday was filled with wedding vows, muted pink bridesmaid dresses, and a church full of family and friends. The niece I used to babysit was getting married to her sweetheart. All the children who used to run around and throw tantrums were all graduated. I hugged the relatives that I missed last year because ofContinue reading “Monday Memories”

Publishing and Progress Update

The mighty pen returns for the rest of the summer after my first book signing event of the year but the next few months will give my writing tools a different kind of exercise. I have my own publishing hat back on for my next journal, I’m helping three other authors publish their books. TwoContinue reading “Publishing and Progress Update”

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July Weekend! Many Minnesotans are headed to their cabin at the lake to enjoy a long weekend. A procession of boat parades, hours of activities on the water, and nights by the campfire will be in full force as we reach melting temperatures again. Those who decide to stay in the cityContinue reading “Happy 4th of July!”

Publishing Is About Process

My hands just went up into the air right before I started today’s blog. I let out a little congratulations because the last week of my inspirational journal for creatives is completed! Just like my 30 Days of Writing Prompt Journal, this is about action in motion to get inspired and achieve goals. Sometimes, weContinue reading “Publishing Is About Process”

Back to School for Creatives!

Sitting in rush hour as the sun started to drop into the West, I felt tired after a long day of getting everything on my list done.  The strangest part is that my air conditioning, like clockwork gave me the sniffles.  I dusted and cleaned the vents, checked the filter and I still end upContinue reading “Back to School for Creatives!”

The Way Home

Yesterday, I was driving home with the sun shining through the window and as soon as I put my visor down large, wet drops started to plop onto my car.  I thought someone turned on a sprinkler nearby but no spouts poured out of the fire hydrants.  Umbrellas popped up out of nowhere.  Temperatures reachedContinue reading “The Way Home”

The Little Editor Who Could

I finished my last round of editing for my two authors last night before our next meeting this weekend and I need to point out the benefits and limits of spell check. The one button on Micro Soft Word that helps authors catch typos improves our writing as we work through our novels, and hasContinue reading “The Little Editor Who Could”

What’s On Your Billboard?

I’m an avid YouTube follower of Creators who create content of writing, art, and food. Last night I dozed off in the air conditioning after a long day and I woke up to #7Figuresquad in my suggested videos. Curiosity got the best of me and I’m always looking to brush up my skills. Running myContinue reading “What’s On Your Billboard?”

Words for Pictures

We still have a few more days of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and I’m sharing a few of the reasons I started to publish. One of my dreams when I started writing and illustrating children’s books was to expand the local bookshelves because I never saw the faces of children like myself in magazinesContinue reading “Words for Pictures”

Putting on the Editor Hat

I’m out of wearing a spring coat up here in Minnesota and life just got a little busier. My meet-up last weekend turned into a paid project to help two other authors get their book ready to publish. I received their 75,000 word story during the middle of the week and it’s a tear jerker.Continue reading “Putting on the Editor Hat”