Tuesday Location

Tuesday with Dan Brown returns us to the power of location: Location for my current novel is an ongoing struggle and I’ve sought out the advice of other best sellers. Dan Brown visits location in a similar way to David Mamet. David spoke about location sickness and Dan’s MasterClass lesson gives power to location. IfContinue reading “Tuesday Location”

Monday Thriller

A Weekend Thriller: Have you noticed a new trend these past few years of Halloween movies coming out in every month, except October?   Our love of the thriller has been around since we sat around the fire to tell stories during the cave days.   A story that can get our heart pumping continues to keepContinue reading “Monday Thriller”

Fuel Friday Is Here

Fuel Friday for Your Creative Soul: Friday is here and it’s time to fuel our creative souls for the weekend.  Get out your keyboards.  We’re going to do an exercise together to stretch the tentacles of your gray matter.  Let them relax and sigh.  This is to help you visualize your story in more detail. Continue reading “Fuel Friday Is Here”

Award Winning Creative

This week I was treated to a private concert with singer, songwriter, and broadway star, Morgan James. I was the recipient of the Spirit Award from my company, Canon. I’m proud to be a part of Corporate Job. Why haven’t I made the transition? The question isn’t valid. I like what I do and I’mContinue reading “Award Winning Creative”

January Wednesday Inspiration

Wednesday Inspiration As a writer, I’m always learning from other best sellers and doing my homework to improve my writing.  This week I’ve come across some inspiring authors and resources.My first class recommendation is the MasterClass with Dan Brown in Writing Thrillers.  I shared some of his advice from the beginning classes in yesterday’s postContinue reading “January Wednesday Inspiration”

January MasterClass with Dan Brown #2

January Writing Tips from Dan Brown #2 Working on a my new novel I was tempted to add in too many elements or plot twists to create complexity but this can leave reader’s confused. I realized that if I had a hard time keeping track of too many layers of the onion, so would myContinue reading “January MasterClass with Dan Brown #2”

Writing a Thriller with Dan Brown

MasterClass Online Writing Tips from Dan Brown Writing progress this weekend was like the Minnesota weather, cloudy and gloomy.   My motivation level to sit for long periods typing away in writer’s bliss didn’t happen.  I had to resort to a writing prompt and tips from well known author, Dan Brown. Dan’s MasterClass online teaches usContinue reading “Writing a Thriller with Dan Brown”

January Writing Challenge #10

Rose Petals On Water The end of the week is here and I want to begin the weekend with a writing exercise. Starting out with writing prompts is a good practice to use when you feel stuck in mud at the keyboard. Choose a word, phrase, or scene filled with strong images to get myContinue reading “January Writing Challenge #10”

January Writing Challenge Day #9

January Writing Challenge Day #9 Another winter storm is here in Minnesota before the weekend and I’m sitting at my desk with a new Turkish movie, “Hot Sweet Sour”, in the background. Picture a foreign version of “My Best Friend’s Wedding” but with more serious music and lines. A five year promise before best friendsContinue reading “January Writing Challenge Day #9”

January Writing Challenge Day #7

January Writing Challenge Day #7 Monday is here again and it’s time to work on my small town novel that’s going to spill with fantasy shifters. Tonight, I’m sitting under the covers and googling reviews of Ely, Minnesota. I hope I don’t get location sickness because I really don’t want to pick another setting. WhatContinue reading “January Writing Challenge Day #7”

January Writing Challenge Day #6

A new week is here and I started my day with Audible.com in the car this morning. Having the option of listening to my favorite reads during long drives is a saving grace. I can still stay caught up with my favorite authors, and use my time wisely. I also like to think listening bringsContinue reading “January Writing Challenge Day #6”

January Writing Challenge Day #5

January Writing Challenge Day #5 The first week of the New Year is coming to an end and my resolution to Just Write is underway.  Remaining disciplined has good days and bad days but pushing myself is easier because of the monthly challenges that I started last year.  My change in direction for my introductionContinue reading “January Writing Challenge Day #5”