Monday Quiet Time

Our lives always get so busy with running errands, packing for the cabin, and planning outdoor barbecues that we forget to plan quiet time.  This is more than just napping on the sofa.  Creating a quiet space to relax or spend time with someone you love is important.

At this point in my live, I don’t know if there is a thing called balance.  My idea of balance is busy-busy and then slow-slow.  One thing that my husband started doing is making breakfast during the workweek before we both start our days and I’ve come to cherish those moments.  Quiet time, just sipping coffee or getting water matters even if it’s just 15 minutes.

Remember my prompt from last week?  Being able to sit quietly with someone you love as you grow in your relationship is the same as sharing a meaningful moment together because some things are better left unsaid.  Being comfortable with someone is the same as being in love with someone. 

Create a quiet moment for yourself before your day begins.  Use Saturday moments to relax, sip on coffee, and become comfortable with the quiet of doing nothing for 15 minutes.  Check out my prompt below:

Kayla sat in front of her large kitchen window and stared through the filtered light of her white curtains.  She inhaled the hazelnut coffee and smiled at the thought of something warm in her belly after a hard week of work.  Her bare elbows felt the cold white marble.  She didn’t have a cat but she still had on her cat pajamas.  Slowly emptying one cup of coffee in the quiet morning hours every Saturday was now routine.  There was no one to answer to, or call into the office today.  The question of the day was whether or not she was going to change out of her cats?

How does this morning sound instead of the rushing circus routine many of us experience before we go to work?  Write about how mornings should go today for 5-10 minutes, then put it into practice the rest of the week.

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~Yoon Ju

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