Tuesday Catnip

Today’s writing prompt is creating a theme from yesterday – cats.  They have tons of views online, and we can’t get enough to.  Well what happens when one of them decides to adopt you?  Today’s prompt is on Catnip.  Write for 5-10 minutes.  My results are below – undedited.

Julia opened the door of her apartment to find smatterings of dried green leaves trailing on her wood floor in all directions.  Anyone else would have readied the emergency button on their phone but her mind immediately focused on the criminal.  The black fur ball that she inherited from her brother before he moved to New York was somewhere. 

The question was, how did this expert thief manage to find and open the tin?  How did little Ollie even open the door?  She just installed child safety latches on the cupboards that she would find mysteriously opened when she returned home.  Other people would think it was a ghost, but it was just her new live in roommate.  Was he secretly taking inventory so that they wouldn’t run out of food?

Then again, the canned food he didn’t like would end up on the floor.  Her furry friend was loud and clear about his preferences, and they seemed to grow every day.  Certain toys would get pushed out of baskets.  Even the ones that were too old ended up scattered across the floor.

She shook her head says she took out the dirt devil.  “What is it this time?” 

On queue, her roommate pranced out with his chin up.  He sat before her and waited for his three pets before he scattered away.  No more, and no less.  Exactly three.  She turned on the vaccuum and started to make her way through the hallway and kitchen.  Her guess was that he wanted his old brand of catnip back but Ollie didn’t know that they stopped making that brand. 

“You know you could help once in a while?”  Her turned his head away and looked back out the window.

She had to laugh to herself, he was better company than her brother who decided to leave his chip crumbs everywhere after a night out with his buddies.  She didn’t have to clean up his messes anymore.  At least her new roomy was neater.  Particular, but neater.  Maybe he had better taste too.  Her brother didn’t have preferences, what does that say?

The best part was that her cute new neighbor loved Ollie.  Her fur ball loved to sneak out onto the ledge when the window was open, something else she learned.  Luckily, Ollie didn’t mind posing for him.  He’s a photographer, and suddenly her roomy has more likes and friends on social media than her.  She shook her head again and walked over to the sofa.

Her finger turned open the latch.  Lately, she’s been leaving the window open more often. 

“Now, remember you can bring Sam over in an hour.  I’ll have those appetizers you both like.”

She saw the look in Ollie’s eyes.  He was debating whether or not she was invited.  He finally nodded and jumped out onto the ledge.  She trailed back to the kitchen with a grin on her face.  Appetizers and wine to celebrate more viral posts.  Having a new roommate wasn’t so bad.

I hope you’re having fun with this week’s theme!  Even 5 minutes of writing makes a difference – keep going out there!

My posts are Monday through Friday. You can find a copy of my new Writer’s Journal at https://www.amazon.com/Writers-Journal-Writing-Prompts-Notes/dp/B0931QRL7C.

~Yoon Ju

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