Miniature Worlds

Imagine living in a miniaturized world where everything shrinks down to the size of a dime. Last night, I spent hours sculpting croissants and donuts in that world. I felt like I entered a bakery filled with pink frosting and sprinkles. Creating smaller than life size food made me think about classic children’s stories and movies.

What does this have to do with our theme for this week? Well, imagine living a world filled with giant size cats, or miniature ones the size of snails. How would the rules change? Would cats finally rule or would we be too busy running to find out?

I always wonder if cats would finally set out their plan to dominate the world. I picture humans carrying their favorite toys and bringing them food to pay homage. Or, the other extreme of people hiding from extremely large predators. The only safe time for humans to come out the shadows is during a world wide nap time. Those who don’t make it back in time become the new toy of the day. Okay, that might be a little dark.

One interesting idea that you might want to explore is what would happen if we’re no longer the dominant species? How would our perspective on life change when we’re reduced to the size of marble?

While you might be enjoying real croissants and donuts this morning, write for 5 – 10 minutes about a new world filled with cats the size of buildings.

I don’t know about you but I’m going to look for my pastries this morning before I practice my own prompt. Have fun writing today.

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~Yoon Ju

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