Show Time!

Ever have one of those days that feel out of sync? The morning started out normal but unexpected phone calls started coming in around lunch time. Everyone decided to be chatty and call to follow-up in one day. Time went by quickly but those few minutes meant sitting in traffic on the way to run errands a little bit longer. A bus in the wrong lane made me miss my turn and I had to circle back around to the same traffic jam of everyone trying to escape downtown.

I was on a mission to pick up a few items for my next show. The supplies from my last show at the beginning of July were almost out. Who knew you needed so much tape, price stickers, and card stock. The most important item for the evening was finding a new dolly because I’m tired of fighting to open the one I have. It’s time for an upgrade. This year I’m making hauling tubs and pop-up tables easier. I just hope that events stay open the rest of the year.

You would think events are all about signing books but you know what pops into my head? Well, it makes me laugh. My big question is – who is going to watch my table for bathroom breaks and water refills? Shows can be crickets and then a rush all in an hour. Do you risk leaving your table? Can you trust the people around you?

Today, I’m sharing the top things you will when you have a book signing or go to an event as a seller.

  1. Inventory before you bring your books or items.
  2. Pack light, efficient, and as weightless as possible.
  3. Have a way to transport your items on wheels and in as few trips as possible.
  4. Bring a friend or fellow seller to help with breaks.
  5. Bring a cooler for your own food and water.
  6. Have your own way to accept card payments with your own hot spot.
  7. Some people use cash, you will need petty cash. Always take your cash with you.
  8. Prepare for the elements if you have an outdoor event – wind, rain, and sunshine.
  9. Things to secure and hide any overstock.
  10. Extra price tags, business cards, and information cards
  11. Package your artwork to protect it.
  12. Bring bags and packaging for sales.

For those readers needing a prompt today, we are still taking every day things and turning them into a story. Write about your favorite meal for dinner. You can write about crock pot meals and casseroles if you’re a Minnesotan. Or, you can write about a dinner that didn’t go so well. This shouldn’t be a seven course dinner. Write for 5-10 minutes about something you have every month. If you can make your reader’s mouths water, or laugh about the fire department showing up, then you’re on the right track.

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~Yoon Ju

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