Writing Every Day

Just five minutes a day is all my mind is repeating this week because I didn’t follow the advice of other creators when it comes to store launches. A few people that I’ve followed said not to launch new items in your store after a big event, I should have listened because most of myContinue reading “Writing Every Day”

Dance Party

You know all those intentions you have when it comes to preparing for having family come over on the holidays, for book events, or events in general? Well, you can imagine the frenzy that went into this weekend. All the prep work for creating new art pieces and testing out new creations at this pastContinue reading “Dance Party”

Spring Into Uptown

One day before the event and I’m running around again. Checking tote once, twice, and a third time. I tell myself I can create one more piece because I like staying up all night and having blood shot eyes from lack of sleep at events. No really, this is my normal. I’m tired but there.Continue reading “Spring Into Uptown”

Happy Birthday!

Does anyone know what important day it is today? Cinco De Mayo is today but that’s not the one I was thinking about. Today is the most important day ever because it’s my Birthday!!! Keep in mind that my age doesn’t change when people ask, so you know I’m not in my teens. In fact,Continue reading “Happy Birthday!”

Tote Central

Show day is this Saturday and I’m not in a panic. No. Not me. I’m only running back and forth between the printer, the clay oven, and my tables in a frenzy to get everything ready. Yes, there’s always this feeling right before a show because all of the things you forgot to think aboutContinue reading “Tote Central”

Event Prep Week

Over the weekend, my nervousness and excitement grew because of all the preparations for this Saturday’s Outdoor Even and my online store relaunch. Just like the build-up before hitting the publishing button I feel the fatigue from all the extra hours but it’s a good feeling because I’ve been productive. I’ve also been trying toContinue reading “Event Prep Week”

Relaunch Day Is Coming!

The end of April is here and I’m deep in preparations for my first outdoor event of the year. My signing pen is ready for my books that will be on the corner of my table and I’m doing my best to organize the tornado that happens in my studio before a show. While I’mContinue reading “Relaunch Day Is Coming!”

Lesson Thursday

Time for another lesson with David Sedaris. Learning never stops when you’re a writer. Today’s topic is about how he turns his observations into stories, and I have to say that his lesson surprised me. I thought he would start out with another story about his life or something that happened to someone he knowsContinue reading “Lesson Thursday”

Social Media Posting

As I flicked through my TikTok For You, I came across a group that might be worth the follow. There’s a group, @womeninpublishingsummit, who offer writers tips on publishing and marketing their books. They quick answers help you navigate through social media and managing your accounts. They also have live Q&A. Testing out the liveContinue reading “Social Media Posting”

Creating Your To-Do List

I’m typing away and feeling good because I have hand cramps. Why am I feeling good? I’m happy because I know I’m getting exercise on the keyboard and with my art as I get ready for my first spring show. Something else that was good for this week – my husband dragging me out ofContinue reading “Creating Your To-Do List”

Event Prep

Monday is here but I thought I would talk about my Sunday routine and how I get things done on a busy schedule. My creative wheels are turning faster because my husband and I got into an unexpected spring show in Uptown, Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 7th. I’m working on all the prep work becauseContinue reading “Event Prep”