Spinning Wheels

Friday is here and my spinning hamster wheels are about to send my legs rolling. I can feel the wheel spinning faster than I can keep up with all the things I’m trying to do this year. My publishing projects were completed last month but I decided to be more ambitious and get more seriousContinue reading “Spinning Wheels”

Homework Day Again

Class is in session again today because I just watched another part of the Master Class with David Sedaris. He had another point that I would like to share. I don’t know how many of you carry around your phones or notebooks to take notes when inspiration strikes but he had advice that needs toContinue reading “Homework Day Again”

When Art Meets Literature

If you ever toured my workspace, you would find an abundant amount of art supplies, stacks of books, and an old vintage typewriter. My love of writing and art has followed me through school and into adulthood. Building up skills in both has helped me with titles, marketing, and graphics for posts. I’m also thinkingContinue reading “When Art Meets Literature”

Celebrating 502 Posts!

I had to blink twice when I looked at the number counter for in Evernote for my posts because I reached 502. I’ve blogged the equivalent of 38,000 words when all of my posts are combined. Basically, I’ve written the length of a novel and I should celebrate! Feeling like someone in a recovery groupContinue reading “Celebrating 502 Posts!”

Find A Niche

Anyone for leftovers today? My mother-in-law sent us home with zip lock bag full of ham before we rolled out the door from our family Easter lunch. I guess we don’t get casserole dishes all the time, but then she must knows us. Her dish wouldn’t get returned for weeks and my own mother lovesContinue reading “Find A Niche”

Waiting In Line

This week I had the wonderful experience of waiting in line at a government office to get some paperwork updated. I waited so long with a group a people that I ended up with sunburn where my hair parts on the top of my head. Imagine waiting in line for 5 hours with no bathroomsContinue reading “Waiting In Line”

Observation and Asking Questions

As we get to the end of the week, it’s time to update you on how my class is going. When I hit play for my Master Class with David Sedaris, I felt like I was sitting down with him in the same room. His advice wasn’t too over the top or complicated when itContinue reading “Observation and Asking Questions”

My fingers are in spasms because I’ve spent the last week making miniature piggies and dumplings with smiley faces that are smaller than a thumbnail. You would think that something so small would be easy but using needle tools to sculpt takes patience and steady hands. As I go through the journey of relaunching anContinue reading

Classroom Notes

Who needs a comedian when you have a husband who started following dad joke channels on YouTube or subscribe to jokes of the day. Whenever he learns a new one, he asks, “want to hear what I heard today?”, upon entering the car when I pick him up from work. I always say yes andContinue reading “Classroom Notes”

Class Time Again

I have no idea if we’re going to continue to get all seasons in one day up here in Minnesota, but I’m layered for all the changes. While out thermostats fluctuate I start to think of summer humidity survival. My body sleeps better in the cold and I always picture myself sleeping on an iceContinue reading “Class Time Again”

Funny Titles

I stepped outside the other day and almost turned around to go hide under my blankets as soon as I saw some white fluffy stuff falling onto the ground. No lambs crossed the Wisconsin border to have a sheering party in my backyard. Spring is supposed to be here but this is Minnesota and itContinue reading “Funny Titles”

Finding Humor

“Writing is rewriting.” David Sedaris How is your comedy week going? Still struggling or just not having a good week? The best thing to do when you’re stuck is to look at other references or examples. I went to one of my go-to resources and watched a MasterClass by David Sedaris and right away hisContinue reading “Finding Humor”