Understanding Why

This weekend there was no going to the rooftops to find pigeons or to escape the noise because I was busy dogging heavy raindrops. The heavy gloom outside made me a little crabby until I had my breakfast a few sips of my husband’s over-sugared coffee. There was too much on my mind and notContinue reading “Understanding Why”

Finding Your Hidden Place

My rooftop story took flight this week and might make it into one of my novels. The character names might change but I really like what I started. There’s something both romantic and different about meetings that take place above a big city. To me, hidden places are hard to find in all the hustleContinue reading “Finding Your Hidden Place”

Prompt Sharing

Her back was turned but she knew he was there in the doorway as she stared over the roofs of the city. Her chicken salad sat perched on the edge, half was waiting for his arrival. She knew the number of soft taps before he reached her side. His entire scent would surround me asContinue reading “Prompt Sharing”

Skip Day

Anyone following my blog knows that I’m busy this month with art and craft shows. This week I rested after 2 events in a row. I was able to blog but I had some skip days this week and I’m not feeling guilty about it. I ended the week back on track with another postContinue reading “Skip Day”

Getting Real

Yesterday I woke up feeling like I had flown on the red eye flight twice in one night. I opened one eye in the morning expecting monster sized red veins but surprisingly I looked normal. My body leaned closer to the mirror in disbelief. How did I look normal with all the tossing and turningContinue reading “Getting Real”

Monday Blues

This weekend I tried to focus and managed to get a few more pieces complete but my energy level is still below zero. While the temperature rises I’m struggling with a looming deadline and I’m learning to live with my own inner rebellion. What do I mean? Every time I set a high goal, IContinue reading “Monday Blues”

Day 4 of One Paragraph

Good thing I typed up some extra paragraphs earlier this week because I received a call to help out with a project at the art shop. The shop’s move from one side of the building to another meant better traffic and business but rebuilding shelving units and trying to figure out what to do withContinue reading “Day 4 of One Paragraph”

Day Three of One Paragraph

Last night I started my prompt of writing one paragraph a day by asking questions about one of my never ending novels. I’ve been on an eternal drift of introductions and I experimented with perspectives. Which voice called to me more? Which introduction did I go back to the most? Of course, my wonder brainContinue reading “Day Three of One Paragraph”

Down to the Wire Wednesday

Today, I’m writing this blog post and it’s down to the wire. The short amount of time I gave myself to get some words in gave me an idea for your prompt. We’re going to write fast and raw without editing. It’s time to sit our butts in our chairs and let our fingers flyContinue reading “Down to the Wire Wednesday”

Day Two of One Paragraph

How is your paragraph writing going? I kept my fingers going after yesterday’s late evening post and went back-to-back into today. Like I said, once I get myself going it’s easier to let the fingers fly. My struggle to get started is something I’ve learned to accept about myself. The important thing about understanding myContinue reading “Day Two of One Paragraph”

Just One

The indecisive weather up North has everyone tired of winter again this week. All we can think up here is, “Winter let go!” The warm weather teased us for a week before it changed it’s mind again. The back and forth of seasons has us up and down for another week. I think my bodyContinue reading “Just One”

April Fools Day in Minnesota

I think everyone is Minnesota was wondering if the forecast for Friday night was an April Fool. The thought of piles of snow after the first day of spring had everyone I ran into groaning. Some tried to put away their shovels but it’s like asking for more snow. My social media feeds were filledContinue reading “April Fools Day in Minnesota”