The Night Muses

My excitement about the new project made for a restless night. As soon as I laid my head down, more and more ideas for books filled my mind until I got out of bed and make the trip down the hallway to my writing writing desk. My muses took over and wouldn’t let me sleepContinue reading “The Night Muses”

Book Time!

Tuesday is a trip to the library! It’s time to build our home shelves with more recommended reads from other book lovers. I know there are lists floating around on all kinds of social media but I’m going share is from A Clockwork Reader on YouTube. I choose this reading list because a wide varietyContinue reading “Book Time!”

Yes Day!

This week I started watching a new KDrama (Korean Drama) called “Navillera”.  The series is about an old 70 year old grandpa who never fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a ballet dancer.  His friends are passing away and old dreams stir within him.  He begins his journey back to unfulfilled dreams and living hisContinue reading “Yes Day!”

Publishing Announcement

We’re coming to the end of the month and I can’t keep one of my projects quiet. Over the past year, my journey started by creating prompts because I stopped writing. I published 5 novels in the past and then my unfinished novels sat in the corner but life happened. I started making excuses andContinue reading “Publishing Announcement”

Writing Update

Changing plans over the weekend means that it’s time to get back to the most important part of being an author, and that’s sitting my butt down and writing this week. My goal this week is to add to my page count for one of my fantasy novels. In previous weeks, I took a deeperContinue reading “Writing Update”

Green Onion Day!

Here in the heart of the midwest my mind drifts to warm spring days. I never thought I would say that Minnesotans and Texans will never miss the Polar Vortex that visited this year. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m tired of breaking records or having firsts because Mother Nature is more thanContinue reading “Green Onion Day!”