Friday Blues

Friday is supposed to be about going out after a week of work and celebrating with everyone who survived the grind but I’ve been silent this week about some not so great news. Earlier this week I received an email that got me really down. I learned that someone broke into our art shop in Minneapolis. My heart was saddened because everyone there works so hard to create handmade creations.

We can spend months, and years making those pieces and they stole the money that would have gone to all of the artists. When you own a small business every dollar counts. I know many of us in there depend on the income earned from sales in that shop. This isn’t just some hobby or passing phase. This is our lively hood, our way to pay the bills, and someone took it.

I know prices are going up but everyone just gets tired of trying to get ahead only to have something like this happen. Many of the artists at the shop are there because the original group who took us in created this space to help fellow artists who are just beginning. They teach us how to begin the journey of making a living off of what we love to do.

When I first arrived with hope in my eyes at the artist behind the counter I was nervous. I had no idea if they would accept what I made but they did. Each artist I’ve met there gave me advice, told me what they used to display and sell their creations. They even helped me with getting supplies because I didn’t have a clue in the beginning.

I was so upset that this happened that I felt drained and had to take an adult time out. I thought about people who might not get paid this month. I thought of all the hard work and love that goes into that small space. We’re in that start-up space for a reason – we’re not rich. We’re like the mom and pop shop of local artists. All of us who work there 7 days a week volunteer because the profits go to the artists.

This could be a set back moment for some that’s hard to take in but we need to keep going. If you’re reading this out there, please pause and support your local creators, the small businesses of the world. This is your prompt going into the weekend.

If you’re in Minneapolis, please come show your support by visiting The Art Shoppe in Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis, Minnesota or visit

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~Yoon Ju

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    1. I shared your comment last month. Everything was taken care of quickly. The Art Shoppe has really been a place of mentorship and creative sharing for me. We’re doing our best to keep it going for the artists.

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