Summer Lovin’

Another week is here and summer is in full swing. While other people head to their cabins for a boat ride on the many lakes of Minnesota, I’ll be participating in the local fairs and flea markets. After running around to a few stores, I finally gave in a bought a vendor pop-up tent because we found an event to call home at the end of each month.

Our pop-up tent will be at the Stillwater Flea Market at the end of each month on Saturday and Sunday. The rest of the summer is set in the sun with other people hoping to sell their collectibles and 2nd hand items. Setting up outside at a local market, I feel like I’m at the beginning of the American dream. It all starts with being able to set-up a table on the side of the road, or spreading out your tablecloth to make a few extra dollars on the weekends.

My fingers will be tapping during any lulls to keep my pages flowing and I’ll have my customer service smile on instead of my grumpy cat morning face. How our first time at a new market goes, is partly up to Mother Nature and those who love crafting and art events. Let’s hope everyone else is looking for something to do at the end of each weekend. I might even put on the music to keep away the sound of any crickets that might want to remind me of the days when we all struggle.

If you’re in the area and you need to walk around outside, then stop by and find us at the Stillwater Flea Market in Minnesota. Maybe I’ll see some of you there behind the tables with the same hope in your eyes. Of course, this means it’s time to put my head down and keep on creating.

Some of you might wonder who I’m going to keep up my writing. I’ve learned that setting a schedule and being a creature of the right habits help. My Sunday writing time to get by blogging and other writing will still continue, I’ll just be outside at a vendor table. After trying 5, 10, and 15 minute prompting sessions and seeing that progress can be made, I’m not worried about blank pages because even 5 minutes a day can equal a finished draft.

Since summer is here, take part of the great outdoors in your State. Let your mind wander and fill with summer romances, walks in the woods, and strolls in the warm sun. Take advantage of the warmer weather like a Minnesotan. Choose one day a week, sit outside, and journal for 5-10 minutes. Doing this prompt will fill up your notebook with material.

I’ll keep you posted on my market fever and how my writing journey is working along side my business ventures. Let me know what you’re doing this summer in the comments!

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~Yoon Ju

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