Friday is Day #8 – Watch

Last night meant late hours because my art muse decided to stay awake and create a miniature cauldron of green, glittery goo. I was supposed to be working on my next day of InkTober but my hands itched to make something in 3D. No matter the medium, at least these chilly months inspire creation.

Subtitles to a new Netflix called, “Atelier”, played in front of my desk and I listened to the steady rhythm of Japanese. The drama series about a lingerie designer, struggles, competitors, and dreams brewed in my mind as I waited for my clay to bake. I found myself in tears, laughing, and jumping with the heart endearing moments. I’m addicted to the new drama and it played well past my sculpting. I’ve found my show to binge on this weekend.

I opened my keyboard a few times but then closed it again. It’s like my brain is filled with levers and tubes. If it’s filled with one kind of inspiration, I don’t have room for another form until I’ve drained it empty again. I’ve heard other writers use the phrase of being empty at the end of the day, and that’s our true goal for this month – empty ourselves out until we run dry again. The cycle begins all over again.

I hope you’re empty this morning because we have a new prompt. Day #8 is Watch. Something we wear, something to keep time, a guarded tower, sifting of time – real or fantasy, go steampunk in your imagination, how would a time traveler’s watch work, and break convention. Wind your imagination and then hit the button. Maybe we haven’t invented the kind of watch you’re thinking about, or go back in time to the use of water clocks.

Add the word prompts into your stories, or highlight favorite words you’ve put together. Save them for your next story or use them for your current book.

I will leave you with a visual for the day. For those participating in InkTober, our list doesn’t stop on the weekends. I wish you all good luck in your pursuit of 31 pieces! I’m off The Art Shoppe again this Sunday at Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis to support my fellow artists and authors!

My posts are Monday through Friday.

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~Yoon Ju

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