New Goals

The last day of the month is here and it’s going out with stormy weather. I’m also gearing up and trying to narrow down my focus as I get ready to participate in Geek Craft Expo near the end of the month. I don’t know how I’m going to balance my writing with getting a few hundred art pieces ready but I’m ready to do my best.

The amount that I would like to get finished for the event is more than I’ve ever done before, so this is something new but it’s the right step to participate to get myself ready to scale my own work. I need to know that it’s humanly possible to get a higher volume done without going into burnout.

This might sound crazy but having something else to switch over to while I’m making things like mad is a change for the good. Writing will be my way of taking a break. Good thing my writing prompts are only 5 -10 minutes. A paragraph is better than nothing.

You might be surprised how challenging yourself to get a paragraph done a day adds up. It’s the equivalent of getting a chapter completed a month. Breaking down my writing into smaller steps like my art helps me see the next step instead of being overwhelmed by the whole mountain.

There is something to learn from large manufacturing models that mass produce on a large scale. I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind having the efficiency of a well oiled machine but even they need maintenance once in a while.

The month of April means that I’m working on adjusting myself to find a new rhythm to get everything in sync again. Having the knowledge that I can be consistent at something, like my blog, does give me hope that another goal is possible. This is one of the reasons I stress the importance of creating smaller goals that are more possible to accomplish. Just like publishing smaller, or different kinds of books so that feeling gets into your bloodstream.

Sometimes, just knowing that you can accomplish a goal that you set on your own is all it takes to set the rest in motion. Your prompt for today is all about setting a small goal. Think about something you want to get done this weekend. Write it down, repeat it in your head, and carry it with you. Then, set aside the time you need to get it done. I’ll be back again next week!

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~Yoon Ju

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