State of Mind

Driving to pick-up my husband at work, I started to wonder if he thinks I’m crazy but I already know the answer. It would be a yes. This week I overloaded him with Pinterest boards, a list of ideas, and photo bombs of things I would like to have him 3D design and print.

I think I saw him shake his head at my brainstorming sessions of the next best thing. Then, I saw him calmly sit down at his desk and plug away at his project with extreme patience. I would say he’s the more cautious, non-risk taker in our relationship. While I like taking spontaneous trips, making new discoveries, and flying by the seat of my pants.

My plans aren’t earth shattering but they are too someone who probably makes a schedule and an order for the entire day like his grandparents. While visiting with them, he laughed when he saw my expression as his grandmother pulled out a notepad to plan our time together while we were visiting. Who plans every hour on vacation? I tried to close my mouth quickly but I was in shock. Vacation is the time to explore.

Maybe it’s the rebel in me but his orderly nature brings out the cattiness in me and I want to tear his schedules to shreds like confetti. I know he’s not my endless supplier of things I would like to have printed in miniature but I still don’t understand why he’s not as excited about my ideas as I am. Oh well, I know they’re great.

If the people around you aren’t sharing the same feeling or enthusiasm for what you love, then try to surround yourself with the same energy. This may mean going out to a place where you can thrive in your own energy. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you can’t depend on other people to help you find that spark.

And it’s okay that other people are different and not vibing with you all the time. In fact, sometimes I need someone like my husband to help keep me grounded. There’s even times when he reminded to retract my claws because I didn’t feel like being around other humans that day. Somehow we manage to balance each other out.

Today, is about finding your the ends of your fulcrum. Ask what excites you and what calms you. You can relate this to your writing but the focus should be on the feelings or situations. Why? Think of this as an exercise an actor would use to get into character. This is practice for when you need to get into your character’s head when the world around you might be in a different place.

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~Yoon Ju

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