Irish Cooking Day

Inflation or not, I had to check the fridge again for my corned beef and cabbage. My mom’s only secret ingredient is adding lots of butter during holidays. I call it pats of love. That salty meat is getting lots of love this week and so is that cabbage. I’m one who thinks any kind of meat should melt and taste like butter on the tongue.

Can you tell that I’m hungry as you read this blog? You should give it a try. It’s like going to the grocery store on an empty stomach, and you end up with more items in your cart. Words get faster, hungrier. When I’m full my fingers tend to move slower over the keyboard and my thoughts don’t race as much. Mood, appetite, and food can affect our writing. So, exploring your writing this way may expand what you thought was possible.

I know we all want to write “hungry” but let’s get real – it doesn’t always happen that way. In fact, being in “the zone” might feel like a rarity. Exploring methods help you get there faster. I use mood music, exercise, and endless hours of typing to get into that place that feels like you have on the hat of the famous author you want to be. Some of you might go for the obvious cup of coffee.

Treating your writing like your exploring a new tasting menu might help you put on your famous author hat. Unless you’re trying to make that little gray character in your story dull on purpose, change their appetite. Ordinary can be beautiful in a crazy world but most of us read books about characters with flaws and who have appetites and palettes bigger than our own. How are you going to convey that without experiencing it yourself?

Spending hours over where to place a comma, and then not doing your homework on how many different ways to cook cabbage might make your story bland. Give your words flavor, life, by letting yourself live a little. Just don’t do anything illegal or that would harm someone.

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~Yoon Ju

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