The Big Conversion

The is going to spill over into Valentine’s weekend because the review period for my book and the other two new authors is over! We only had to wait 72 hours and this is more exciting news for writers looking to publish their book. The last fews years extended review times and all those journals that I published last year took a minimum of 5 days before I could order my author copies.

Did I mention that the beer can openings this week were only for the paperback copy? Yes, that’s right I have more work to do this weekend to prepare the ebook for my two authors. A conversion of the literary kind is going to take place and let’s hope that things don’t get messy. I’ve had to rebuild content all over again because the formatting of the paperback interfered with the converting to an ebook.

This time I’m changing my resource and I’m going to try the conversion tools in According to the quick steps from other writers you upload your manuscript and convert it over to other formats, such as an ebook. I’m adding the direct source form their blog with the steps on the left of their blog at One important point they make is to make a copy of the document before you do anything. Only use the copy to upload just in case something goes wrong.

Now, that I’ve had a mini series of celebrations it’s time to get into the mood for February 14th. Everyone has different feelings about this day but it’s time for another writing prompt. No need to stretch our imagination. Write to your Valentine (can be anybody or even a pet) for 5-10 minutes. This might help get a few cards finished. If you want to challenge yourself further write as one of your characters. Write as your pet if you have to. I’ve seen many cat poets on social media. Get creative!

Share in the comments! Let me know how your writing journey is going!

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~Yoon Ju

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