Cities Around the World

Reading other writers never fails me. There’s always some line that makes my highlighter busy, and the frenzy of copying it down so that I don’t forget it. Today, is no different and my next bit of inspiration came from the introduction of Around the World in 80 Books, by David Damrosch.

The line that one my coveted highlighter was, “how writers create cities and how cities create writers”. I like to think that we’re all pilgrim souls at heart. As writers, we wander through our cities at all hours of the day and night. We sit in the same cafes and restaurants of our characters. Some of us have to visit the exact location so that we don’t miss any details for our readers.

What is the tale of your city? Or, don’t you feel connected yet? Most us would say that we’re not that inspired by the places we currently live and that writing about other places feeds our pages. Some os us are waiting to create that city that doesn’t exist or have our city find us. Maybe it’s time to be reborn, and feel inspired. Maybe some of us haven’t discovered that path that leads to “our” city that we can claim, like an island of our own.

No matter where we end up, the places we’ve touched are carried with us and we could find some part of our past in our stories. The places we’ve been have shaped us. We have memories, we’ve cried, laughed, got angry, and loved in those places. All those things lead us to the place we’re at right now.

Those who read my blog should know what’s coming. It’s prompt time! Take one place, a very specific place, and write for 5-10 minutes. Breathe some life into your surroundings. It’s there waiting for you. If you don’t find it, then some tourist will. Be a tourist today and write about place you think is ordinary and then see how you feel after the prompt.

It’s okay if your feeling doesn’t change. The point is that “your city” is unique to you because it comes from your perspective, and your voice. Your voice shapes your city. I’ll let you get writing!

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~Yoon Ju

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