Vignette Prompt

While the countdown to press the publishing button is going for myself and my fellow writers, I picked up David Damrosch’s, Around the World in 80 Books again. We’re going to start our week with one of his ideas from the very beginning, his introduction. He mentioned the author, Xavier de Maistre, and how his partaking in duel lead to his house arrest. Like any writer confined to his room, he embarked on a voyage around his room with a series of vignettes.

Before I move on with today’s prompt, I need to ask if you remember doing these in school? Vignettes are meant to be brief, an episode. It’s not a full account, and shorter than a short. Writers like to use them for shock value. If you google, you’ll get all kinds of examples that are only a few sentences long.

You just one scene. Think of this as one snapshot in a series of photos. You’re looking at someone jumping in the air after 1 red balloon. One tiny hand is just out of reach. Can you feel the fingertips brush the end of the string as it floats away toward the sky?

Look around your room right now. Are you at work? Are you at your desk? Write a vignette about what you see. Then, write another for more practice. There’s nothing like a quick exercise or prompt to get your pen or fingers moving on a Monday.

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