Zombie Wednesday

I’m not in the genre of writing Apocolyptic novels but I feel another episode creeping in again. In Minnesota, the cold weather and storms means filling up your gas tank and getting errands done before the snow piles up and traffic crawls. It also means getting grocery shopping done early so that you don’t end up doing that errand in the middle of winter storm. Here was when the apocalypse entered my life.

My husband and I wanted to stock up on a few things so that we didn’t have make another run during the expected storm tomorrow and Thursday. The glass doors opened and I immediately noticed the empty shelves and my eyes rolled. I hoped they were wiped out by New Year’s Eve but when the numbers creep up from you know what, it made me wonder if this was a repeat. The shelves were abnormally empty. There were still bags of flour, sugar, and some other essentials but the bread and toilet paper were low.

The last time the shelves went empty, I lucked out because I had to buy bulk packs of essentials because they were the only things left at the time. Weeks went by and the shelves were restocked with every day items. Not to panic but we picked up what was left (only 1 of each item) because I didn’t wanted to go through the weeks of grocery store roulette again. Which place will have toilet paper, and which one will be empty?

Last time my gut instinct saved me from resorting to buying Kleenex boxes or worse. I had the same feeling again and might have picked up a few more items that would have waited until next week. My cart didn’t overflow, it was just filled earlier than normal.

Next time, I should have some fun and enter the story with walking dead outfits on and moan through the aisles mutter “Toilet paper! Toilet paper!” I’ve done method acting to get into my character’s head before. I didn’t think some survival shows would become reality the past few years but it’s pushed into real life scenarios at the start of 2022.

I don’t know if you’re seeing this in your area but it you do, then brave the zombie outfits with your mask and let me know how it’s goes. If you see someone out there in Minnesota, it’s either me or someone who read this post trying to add a little humor to your day.

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~Yoon Ju

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