Dog Sledding Days

The four letter word fell all day in Minnesota today, and our I witnessed our downtown streets turn into a scene from Tokyo Drift. This new episode had me stop in the skyways of downtown as I watched trucks and cars slide from one side of the street to the other as they turned the corner. The slushy brown made the tires spin all day and our cars turned into slugs from block to block.

Too bad our winters didn’t include dog sledding races through the streets of downtown. I wonder what Uber would think if dog sled rides were offered during the winters up north, and drivers were passed as they travelled through the streets of Minneapolis. I mean, if I’m going to continue to live up here I might need more excitement added to some of the emptiness that a mutating virus brought with it.

Is it possible to have a Vikings Gone Wild mushing sled dogs through the roads covered in furs? If the city of Minneapolis is ever looking for new ideas, maybe they need to employ more writers. Our nimble fingers can type new ideas that no one else thought about in this state.

In fact, the rest of the day I might stare out my frosty window and imagine all kinds of scenarios as the snow continues to fall up here. Take hold of your own pens, or grab your keyboard and get typing. What kind of winter wonderland can you create? How about wintery kingdoms? Write for 10-15 minutes.

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~Yoon Ju

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