Frankenstein Stories

After my share the other day and longer post, I’m thinking about the direction I need to go for my novels. I know I can write thousands of pages but there’s been several times that I’ve had a never ending story that just felt flat. Then, the inevitable happens and I end up pitching my 1,000 pages back into the slush pile in horror. I’m hoping my shorts will lead to longer stories that will help me get out of the plateau that leads to nowhere.

Do you ever feel that adrenaline as you’re typing and thinking you have the best novel at your fingertips only to read it back cringing? The rush has worn off and you’re hormones are back to normal. In other words, reality is back and you see your script without rose colored glasses. Yeah, that’s where I’m at.

All I can do is what I’ve practiced the past few years, and keep my fingers moving. I know the stories will resolve themselves and the plot will twist back together if I keep working at it. I feel the heart of the novel is there but getting to the end point has been a shiny object syndrome.

Sharing details I thought I made progress by going in a new direction but something was missing. It’s like trying to find the heartbeat of the living creature I created on paper. I think I need to return to the first draft again and maybe it won’t be so awful. I’ll be able to piece together some new parts with the old and hopefully my story won’t turn out to be a Frankenstein, unless it’s going to make me famous.

Well, I have to get back to the writing board. Until tomorrow!

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