Battles and Thrones

I finally entered into the world of battles and thrones seasons later to watch, Game of Thrones, from season one until the current season. Yes, I’m probably one of the few who didn’t watch all of the seasons already but I don’t like watching things out of order and I was working a 2nd job that didn’t allow me to catch the beginning episodes when they started.

My erratic schedule and the several jobs I seem to have factor into my late arrival into a fictional world. Sometimes, I wait for a full season or 2 to pass so that I can binge and entire season in a month. This is my exposure to new writers and new styles.

At the start of the first few episodes, I do feel a little lost in the storyline as I try to figure out who is who and which kingdom is what. The unraveling of origins and how characters are woven together are my favorite part. I did end up covering my eyes during some of the gore, and from what I’ve heard and read I’ll probably be doing this a lot.

When writing about a fantasy world filled with kingdoms my first question is the obvious, how do you open your audience to a world that doesn’t exist? Do you start it with a battle? A mystery to solve? What is the hero’s journey?In watching this show, I’m asking who is the hero and will that change as the story moves forward?

There’s significance to the characters being introduced in the beginning and I’m taking note of how their being developed by the writers. I can only hope that the stories pull me in like, Stranger Things, that I end up crying when a character is lost. Yes, I get so into the plots that I cry when I watch the work of other writers. I’ve also cried while I was writing some sad scenes of my own. Emotions are a good thing when it comes to writing.

I want to wring the necks of the writers who leave me hanging in suspense or balling my eyes out because they killed off one of favorites but I guess that was the point. When other writers get me that attached to their story I can only praise them for a doing their job. I know there’s some writers who made it a point to get people in the audience jumping up and shouting, or arguing with each other. Stirring feelings is why words are so powerful.

Some cultures and beliefs think that words are sacred and that we should use them wisely, and they’re right. But as humans we always battle with the part of ourselves that are still standing on the playground calling each other names. We still play king of the hill. We still gossip like children. And sometimes, we have those moments when words bring us together.

Take a moment to think deeper. Think of words that heal, words that are sacred. Then, write for 5 -10 minutes. See how your words change.

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~Yoon Ju

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