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Anyone for leftovers today? My mother-in-law sent us home with zip lock bag full of ham before we rolled out the door from our family Easter lunch. I guess we don’t get casserole dishes all the time, but then she must knows us. Her dish wouldn’t get returned for weeks and my own mother loves sending zip lock home with us too.

This year’s gathering was small on the husband’s side of the family as we begin to go through our family rotation. Which house are we going to and which holiday? Luckily, my family is having a 2nd gathering for a late Easter Egg hunt next weekend and we get to see both sides of the family.

There’s been times when I dreamed of owning a house big enough to have all sides over for the holidays just so I didn’t have to get out of exercise pants, or drive anywhere, but it looks like that would require more books and a best seller. I guess I better keep up the publishing streak.

While I’m dreaming and doing my best to take action, I kept up my homework assignment. Last evening, I was following a vlog by entrepreneur, Jessica Stansberry. She’s been an entrepreneur for 10 years and created several successful income streams. Her vlog on “How to Niche When You Have TOO MANY IDEAS” spoke right to me. I had to laugh when she gave the example of giving someone a shovel and telling them there’s a million dollars at the bottom of these three holes.

Why? Because I’m have a tendency to be one of those who would jump back and forth from the three holes after not feeling like I’m making progress, and not get to the million dollars. This is me being honest with myself and my personality. Not to mention that I’m always pulled in different directions because I love writing and creating art. Knowing yourself and your own tendencies can help you form a strategy to get to the bottom of those holes with your shovel.

Following and learning from other writers, like David Sedaris, and entrepreneurs like Jessica Stansberry help us form strategies to keep us focused. This is important for keeping your writing, plot lines, and marketing after you publish on track. It’s vital that we continue to learn and grow our skills.

Think about your writing career. Where are you going? What do you want to accomplish? How are you going to get there? We ask the same kind of questions when we’re writing our stories. Today’s prompt is building on the homework from last week. Ask yourself these questions, and write down how you’re going to accomplish what you want. Then, do the same for your current novel.

When you feel like you’re getting off track, open your notebook to this page and remind yourself what’s written down. Our goal is to get to dig like crazy to get to the bottom of one of those holes before we move onto to the next.

“Follow one course until success.” John Lee Dumas

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~Yoon Ju

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