Last Sliver of Daylight

I turned the corner out of downtown and made my way onto the exit to head back home in the procession of cars. As usual, the overhead signs flashed with an accident near an exit ramp and I let out one of those tire sighs. The way home is always the same when you’re in a hurry. My beat up old car slowed with the rest of the traffic and I stared at the sea of red taillights.

My eyes drifted up at the horizon and something changed. I smiled at the warm, orange light to the west. Something changed at the start of the new year. I caught the last sliver of daylight today and I settled back in my seat. Short days of waking in the dark and going home in the dark will end soon. My inner bear will no longer long for a nap in the middle of the day.

Spring means letting go of the snow slug that drags behind all winter. Staying up in the moonlight will no longer hold pieces of my breath when I exhale as the ground unthaws. Thoughts of warmth on my skin through the car window and wood flooring at home that doesn’t make my toes dance from the cold touch give me hope that I won’t have to snow shoe to my garage or look like a walking marshmallow as I roam the streets.

Actually, I should weight myself now with all my winter layers and jackets so that I can post that I’ve lost 10 to 20 pounds with all the workout gurus that brag about how in shape they are for summer crop tops. If you live in Minnesota, you lose ten pounds in the spring without having to try. I guess there is another benefit to living here. Instant weight loss in the change of a season.

It’s the same kind of reasoning when I get out my bowl of ice cream to watch the biggest loser or whatever weight loss show is on. They workout while I enjoy my workout of getting ready for winter. An extra layer of blubber is about survival during the cold winters months up here. So, take that all you skinny woman who freeze all winter. I don’t feel sorry for you one bit.

Well that’s all for today. Enjoy your homemade treats today. My posts are Monday through Friday.

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~Yoon Ju

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