Story Telling Methods

This week I’m still working on my rooftop exercise from last week. I extended my short scene to let the story unfold for another day. The piece that I created last week can stand alone but what do I need if I continue?

The advantage of writing a longer story is the ability to reveal more about the characters. What do I want to reveal about them? What else is important to know. There’s more time to develop a background and everything that makes a character more interesting.

A short creates a lasting impact and can dive right into the heart of a story but having more pages to let things develop slowly means that it’s easier to go deeper into what makes up the characters. Why is there a story about them at all?

Building the layers of the characters and the story at the same time allows for a simmer, instead of a quick blanche. As a writer, you need to decide which kind of technique fits your story. I tend to like books that can stand on their own but work within a series. You can think of this like writing television episodes. The story needs to connect each time but there needs to be some kind of closure even if you have a cliff hanger.

As for the rest of the week, I’m still exploring. After I play around I’ll be able to see if the story is best left as one scene or if it work as a longer length novel. Besides, the only way to get better is to keep writing.

My homework for this week is going to be the prompt for today. Take 5-10 minutes to explore different genres, or kinds of stories. I’m going to watch a few videos on shorts and take notes on methods and what I’m drawn toward. I hope you explore your own writing this week!

Since this is a show week, my posts may be short and sweet. My posts are Monday to Friday!

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