Understanding Why

This weekend there was no going to the rooftops to find pigeons or to escape the noise because I was busy dogging heavy raindrops. The heavy gloom outside made me a little crabby until I had my breakfast a few sips of my husband’s over-sugared coffee.

There was too much on my mind and not enough time. My body feels exhausted and I know what week it is. It’s show week. The feeling is a familiar routine that returns every time I try to cram some more ideas into my completed bins. Like clockwork, my flood of brilliance loves making an appearance when I don’t have enough time.

Trying to keep my mind off the long list of things to create to stock my shelves, I did learn a few new tricks from my fellow artists. Following other people who’ve been doing this longer has benefits. I always manage to find the hardest way first and I’m thankful to all the creators who share their tips and techniques with me.

When I feel like educating myself I switch on interviews of writers, artists, and their creative process. Watching all the other talented people out there in the world helped me feel less at home. I also felt pleased that I’m not the only crazy one willing to put in the hours miniature models. I was blown away by some other people and their dioramas. Their level of using recycled and household items far exceeded what I knew.

I started to think about how I need to push my own boundaries and really let go so that I can enter the world of fantasy creatures. One miniature maker added these frog maskers that made me laugh. For me, the point of creating art is to have people smile and experience the same wonder as they enter a different world.

I don’t know about you but I like escaping reality. I get enough of the “real” world through the news and by going out in public. Books should be a haven, or a transportation device to another world.

What does writing mean to you? Why do you write? Think about these questions and then write it down. Your prompt for today is getting to why you feel the need to write.

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~Yoon Ju

Published by yoonjuwrites

I’m an author in Minnesota who started out writing and illustrating Children’s books. I’ve published poetry and adult Romance Novels. I created my website and social media to reach out to other writers because the process can be lonely. I wanted to reach out to readers, writers, and those with a dream of finishing “that” novel. I share the advice of other writers and the tools I use to create my stories.

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