Cabin Fever

Is there something in the air that people aren’t getting along? Did the snow and cold started cabin early? Fighting friends, neighbors, and some crazy person going around the neighborhood banging on windows. I think some people have lost their sh- – or stuff at the start of the new year.

I feel sucked into everyone’s drama and eyeballs are staring at me to take sides. I zipped out there during the most recent neighbor dispute to pick up my husband at work. Doors opened and everyone inquired what was going on. I heard people yelling outside my door and so did everyone else because their doors opened too.

One of the people yelling explained their side of what was going on. I didn’t witness or hear anything, expect for the yelling. I opened my door because I was concerned and to tell the truth I don’t know which one is crazy. Then, someone else brought up the smell of a certain substance and someone rand out their door. Things got heated again and closed my door.

Someone was accused by one of the people who was yelling earlier. The rest of us said we smelled the same smell but didn’t know who was doing it. The other two who were arguing got into it again and I was out the door. I didn’t want any part of whatever argument was going but I did see a police car pull into the driveway as I zipped out to pick up my husband from work.

My plan was to relax this afternoon after a hard week but the drama followed me, outside my home. So much for a quiet afternoon. I hope whatever this is around me calms down soon because I’m tired of being everyone’s therapist or sudden participant because I opened my door to see if someone needed help. Actually, I opened my door to see if I needed to barricade myself inside or put on Kevlar vest.

Would you get involved? I don’t think this question is as easy as it once was because my survival instincts make me want to take flight for self preservation. There’s been too many headlines that involve some crazy person and those who just happened to be there.

As a writer do you every look at people now and say to yourself, please don’t give me material to use in one of pieces because it’s too common? I guess I’ll leave you with that question for the day.

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~Yoon Ju

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