Day #28: Interview Your Characters

We only have 4 more days to go and Preptober will be over! One thing that I like to do to help development story is Interview my characters. I find that this exercise helps me get out of my own head and ask the tough questions. Pretending that I’m an entertainment reporter helps me step back and ask the questions that a reader would want to know. It’s all about shifting perspectives to see things from a different angle.

Get out your pen and notepad! We’re putting your characters in the hot seat. Imagine them sitting across from you and you’re a reporter. Have them tell the highlights or the summary of your story? Are your fingers still stumbling in places? Do they have trouble talking about their role?

During the interview, you’ll know the places you need to fix or that sound weak. If you’re character rambles, chances are you’re story is too. If you’re character goes blank, then you didn’t fill in all the plot holes.

Once you’re done, you’ll have a better idea on the strength of your story. The good news is there will be time to fix the pieces that need work later. For now, tuck your notes away and flag those pages. Then, go and enjoy the start of your weekend.

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~Yoon Ju

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